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No-Knead Raisin Cheese Bread

The other day, I happened to see this no-knead bread recipe by Mummy Yen Li, and thought it would be easy to prepare for breakfast!

For me, most of the time I struggle with preparing meals, caring for the baby and doing work on the laptop. Sometimes I would mentally remind myself to prepare for breakfast after dinner time, and when it got to 8-9pm, most of the time it would not be done (lol).

So this no-knead bread recipe is quite handy for me! Just note that the texture of the bread is slightly on the dry side, and seemed to appeal more to toddlers.

My bread looks a bit like scones because I was lazy to shape into round dough in Step (5), so don't miss that out! :)

EQ's 3rd Birthday!

How soon it was! To have celebrated her 3rd birthday 2 months ago, while it seemed like just yesterday when I cradled my firstborn for the first time :)

Becoming a mum gave me experiences and emotions I'd never thought going through. It's like a bittersweet experience, yet I really won't want to trade it for anything else in the world.

I am thankful that God has answered our prayers for an obedient, joyful and compassionate child. Though she's had her fair share of "meltdowns", I also empathize with her, having to go through so many transitions in just a few months. So far, she didn't have her "terrible 2", and now it's just occasional tantrums due to fatigue/hunger/needed attention, which I feel is all normal.

So yes, we had a fun time celebrating her 3rd birthday in Dec last year!

Easy Butter Cookies

After making the CNY cookies last month, I sort of fell in love with how easy it is to just bake cookies haha!

This cookie recipe is 1 of the recipes I fall on, to bake for my daughter, especially during busy days.
My toddler (super) loves cookies, so I usually try to bake some for her. I don't really like to give her store-bought cookies, because they are mostly made with shortening, and are quite sweet.

These cookies taste quite nice, despite made using just 4 ingredients, and even the husband who do not like butter exclaimed how "fragrant" these cookies are!

P.S.: Look at the end of the post for a making-of video!

Bunny Macarons

Did a birthday cake for my friend's son today, and since I had extra time since she postponed the meet-up time, I managed to squeeze some time to make macarons!

I hope she likes them!

Macarons remain as the favourite dainty dessert for me to bake. However, I have cut down on it because of my GD previously. And now, though I am back to regular sugar intake, I am trying to control and cut down!

This has been a recipe that I wanted to try out. So when my friend told me that she really wanted to try some, and macaron is her daughter's favourite pastry, so I knew I just had to try it out. I am quite glad that the macarons rose nicely in the rainy weather today. Probably due to the higher sugar content used in this recipe?

Wholemeal Nian Gao Loaf Bread

A few days ago, I finally tried my hands at making homemade nian gao (年糕)! It was quite disastrous because I lined the container too thinly, and the mixture sort of leaked out haha.

So anyway, since I have quite a bit of nian gao, and I happened to see this Mochi Loaf Bread recipe, I decided to try! So if you have any extra nian gao, do give this a try!