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Mango Mousse Cake

Last weekend, I made a mango mousse cake for the husband's advance birthday celebration. I hardly make mousse cakes at all. In fact, the first (and only) mousse cake I have made is the chocolate mousse cake, for the toddler's first birthday celebration at the in-law's place.

I was hoping that the husband would love the cake, but he didn't! He's found that the creamy taste from the whipped cream is too much for him. Erm ok, now I know. Haha!

I guess that was because there wasn't any sponge cake inside the mousse, which I should have! I was feeling lazy, so I decided to use the lady finger biscuits that I bought from Phoon Huat. However, just before using it, I realised it has expired! And I thought I bought it in Feb, when it expired in Jan :(

My Confinement Catering (Thomson Medical Centre)

Okay, I know it has been 6 months since I've given birth. It's been quite busy for me, and then ideas for posts just got shelved further and further backwards everyday lol. Here's a short review of Thomson Medical Centre's (TMC) confinement catering!

Hot Cross Buns

Made some hot cross buns the day before to try!

I have never made any hot cross buns, and I can't remember if I have ate them before lol.

Hot cross buns are sweet bread buns, made with spices and raisins. It has this recognisable cross on the top of the bun. These buns would mark the end of Lent. Traditionally, it's supposed to be eaten on Good Friday.

However, these days, the hot cross buns are available for a longer period of time in bakeries.