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Coffee Banana Muffins

Phew! Had been really busy with the 2 kids, and busy preparing to restart my home baking. So I have been testing out recipes and tweaking them.

I truly enjoyed looking at the recipes of many muffins and cupcakes though!

Orange Nutella Muffins

This is a revisit of an older recipe that I've tried a few years back. Decided to post nicer photos, and since I am studying the ratio of muffins and cupcakes these days, I am happy to try out these orange Nutella muffins!

Though I am quite a health conscious person, there are some food items that I cannot let go of! And especially my Nutella addict husband (lol). Like Nutella makes everything better! Of course, this might not be a good choice of spread for the kiddos.

Red Velvet Cake

Do you love red velvet cake too?

I love cheesecake, so naturally I came to love red velvet cake too! Hahaha. I have eaten before really dense red velvet cake, as well as airy and spongy red velvet cake.

Which type is your favourite?

Sometime last year, I finally got down to make my first red velvet cake! I kind of like this - it's not too heavy on the palate, yet carries the sweet and tangy taste of red velvet cakes.