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Chayote Pork Ribs Soup

I got to know of chayote a couple of years ago, and I was really glad to have tried cooking chayote in soups because it's so sweet naturally that my toddler loves the soups!

This vegetable is also known as 佛手瓜 / 合掌瓜 in Chinese, which can be widely found in wet markets and supermarkets locally.

Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies

It has been quite a while since I have tried making cookies! Do you like crunchy or chewy cookies?

Before Subway cookies became a hit, I remember most of us loving those crunchy, sweet chocolate chip cookies. If you love crunchy cookies with these melty chocolate bits, you would love these cookies!

No-Knead Bread Buns

Ever since my younger daughter is born, I have been trying to find cheat meals or items that are really easy to prepare. Especially now that she is also eating the usual food that we eat, time can be really tight to put 3 meals and 2 snacks on the table lol!

So I was very glad to have come across some no-knead bread recipes. I quite like this bread bun recipe, since it can be baked or cooked over the pan, and the texture can be considered quite fluffy, compared to some other no-knead bread recipes! This taste quite like the usual bread that we eat.

Panda Bread in Cone

The other day, I made this bread in cone for my toddler, on Children's Day this year!

This bread recipe is very easy to shape, as it's quite elastic and not super sticky. It's from a Taiwanese blogger, Kokoma 老师, and I've bought most of her books! Hehehe!

I changed the recipe slightly - substituted honey with sugar - and I liked this better. However, the recipe might have contained a little bit more liquid, so that it's still moist the next day, which made the cone slightly soggy. So if you'd want, you can bake the buns in a muffin pan and then place the buns onto the cones separately.

Children's Day 2017

Changi Loves Kids Carnival - Singapore Kids Activities - Todder Activities - Cherie Noms Singapore Parenting Blog

It was a fun Children's Day for us this year! In the past few years, I would have been busy baking for orders. However, as circumstances drove us, I decided to focus more on the children and readjusted my priorities.

So for the month of Sept and Oct we had so much fun together!

We were feeling thankful for the fun activities at the Changi Loves Kids Carnival at Changi Airport - the carnival rides were so awesome, and I could see so many joyful kids enjoying themselves there!