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Orange Nutella Muffins

This is a revisit of an older recipe that I've tried a few years back. Decided to post nicer photos, and since I am studying the ratio of muffins and cupcakes these days, I am happy to try out these orange Nutella muffins!

Though I am quite a health conscious person, there are some food items that I cannot let go of! And especially my Nutella addict husband (lol). Like Nutella makes everything better! Of course, this might not be a good choice of spread for the kiddos.

Red Velvet Cake

Do you love red velvet cake too?

I love cheesecake, so naturally I came to love red velvet cake too! Hahaha. I have eaten before really dense red velvet cake, as well as airy and spongy red velvet cake.

Which type is your favourite?

Sometime last year, I finally got down to make my first red velvet cake! I kind of like this - it's not too heavy on the palate, yet carries the sweet and tangy taste of red velvet cakes.

Air Fry Cajun Salmon

Now that the baby is becoming aware of distance and proximity, I can hardly cook for dinner without planning well in advance.

So, the air fryer is really helpful and useful! Of course, cooking at high temperatures is not so good - but I suppose striking a balance would be helpful too :)

Here, I have sent everything into the air fryer - salmon, carrots, asparagus, mushroom, potato. I boiled the hard-boiled egg in advance, and it was pretty easy and quick.