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Easy Lemon Barley Drink

Barley drink is something I grew up with on this sunny island, and it was one of the first few recipes I have learnt in my Home Econs class!

I later on grew to love those packet lemon barley drink - however which I cannot replicate the taste lol!

Lemon seems quite "flu friendly" while boosting the Vit C, which was quite timely since the kiddos were down with the flu bug.

Vanilla Bean Cotton Cake

Hello! It's been such a looooooong time since I have time to update my blog posts!

It has been a "wild" ride being a mummy to 2 young children, and as we explored the helper option to help out in terms of child caring, we realised it's probably not going to work out, after we've sent 2 helpers home.

So I guess I'll just make lesser cakes and try to take care of the kids on my own, as the Jie Jie transits to a kindergarten next year. Oh yay preschooler! Hehe :)

Pandan Rye Bread

I remembered chancing upon this Wu Pao-Chun champion milk toast recipe when I just started out baking bread years ago. It was 1 of my favourite bread recipe (and even remained so now!) because it is just so straightforward and simple!

You don't need a lot of ingredients - just simple ingredients that you can find in your pantry - and you can make a loaf of really soft bread!

This time round, I tweaked the bread to a pandan flavored bread. Since I was also trying to finish up the dark rye flour in my fridge, I replaced some bread flour with the dark rye flour.

You can use all bread flour, or sub with some wholemeal/plain/cake flour, if you do not have the dark rye flour.