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ET's First Birthday!

My younger daughter celebrated her 1st birthday in Sept earlier this year! I didn't want to put this on the blog because there was nothing too fancy, and was just a small family gathering.

My personal aim is to make birthday cakes for the girls, for as long as I can go :) So for mei mei's, of course I had to make it myself too!

Thankfully this giant cupcake didn't turned out looking too bad - it was my first - haha! I was not able to find the giant cupcake mold by Wilton. It seemed to be out of stock at most places locally, and I happened to read reviews that were not too good. So I didn't buy it from overseas website.

I decided to then use a 6" round pan + 6" ball mold pan from Wilton to make this giant cupcake. Which the husband said looked more like mushroom instead (ughs!).

We were dealing with helper's drama on that day (what a day to choose!), and I forgot to take a nice closeup photo. I like the bow! Have not made fondant bow in ages, so I was glad it still turned out looking okay.

Birthday decor from Misty Daydream

Other than making the cake, I also made some muffins, mini lemon tarts and strawberry panna cotta. Cream puffs were from Neo Garden catering, and we loved it!

It is always so difficult to take photos during birthday parties, and I wish I can always be the one to take photos lol!

First taste of sweet cake!

This is how it looks like inside! My signature vanilla white cake with lemon zest and lemon curd BC at the bottom for stability + chocolate cotton cake on top. I like to make cakes with thicker cake layers so that you can choose to just eat the cake without buttercream.

Weird? I used to skip buttercream like this until I tried Swiss Meringue Buttercream! Hehehe :)

I was also afraid that the cotton cake might not take the weight of the piped rosettes, but thankfully it didn't collapse! LOL!

If you were to need to transport the cake, you'd need to insert a cake board + dowels, since it's quite tall, and almost a 2-tier.

This is a such a personal post and nothing too much on recipes, so thank you for reading! Or perhaps I should start posting tutorials on cake decorating? XD

Lastly, we also cannot thank God more for our little family! Thank You for blessing us with these 2 girls, and may You continue to guide us to be good parents for them, and to guide them to the paths that You've planned for them.

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