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EQ's 4th Birthday!

The Jie Jie had her birthday celebration in Dec this year!

I am kind of tired out from organising parties because I am usually the only one who does the planning, coordinating and baking lol! And the husband also requested for a no butter/no cream kind of birthday cake, which made me wondered WHY hahah.

In the end, I decided to try out Susanne's deco chiffon cake, since I bought 2 of her books. However, my oven is really temperamental, and I was not able to get the right temperature for no browning.

So I made 1-2 chiffon cakes a day, for a week, just to get the temperature!! Hahaha!

Just before I gave up, I read that Susanne included in her new book to use waterbath instead, if we really cannot get to the right temperature. And it worked for me!!

This was the cake, using recipe from Susanne's latest book. I managed to get this right on Thu night, so I placed the cake into a cake box, sealed with cling wrap. And it didn't dry out until Sat. For the little minions by the side, I got complacent and probably was also tired from baking lol! So they looked really weird hahah!!

I also made the fondant figurine just the night before, and I was glad it managed to dry in time! That's a little girl in minion suit :)

Goofing around while waiting for my in-laws to arrive XD

We decided to just go easy on food this time round, since we do not have enough pax for mini buffet catering. We ordered on Deliveroo Top Seafood, and was really surprised by how yummy the food was! The husband also packed some rojak from the coffeeshop downstairs lol!

I was very happy with the great service provided by Misty Daydream! I casually mentioned to them that it was going to be a minion party, and the PIC, who liaised with me for the mockups, went back to do another mockup with minions!

And birthday girl was so happy to see the huge balloon.

We bought the standing minion from USS, which was perfect as decor hahha! We just forgot to bring out the fluffy unicorn, which my sil bought for eq :)

She's such a minion fan!

Along with this cake, I made some banana flavoured panna cotta using this recipe. Simply omit cocoa powder and use banana flavoured milk. The minion faces were drawn on using chocolate.

Too excited to blow the candle!

On her actual birthday, we celebrated at her childcare centre, and she was so happy! We overestimated and got a 2kg cake, and all the kids WOW-ed when the cake was brought out lol!

Hope you've had a great celebration, Jie Jie! ;) I am so looking forward to her kindergarten days!

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