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No-Knead Bread Buns 免揉小面包

Ever since my younger daughter is born, I have been trying to find cheat meals or items that are really easy to prepare. Especially now that she is also eating the usual food that we eat, time can be really tight to put 3 meals and 2 snacks on the table lol!

So I was very glad to have come across some no-knead bread recipes. I quite like this bread bun recipe, since it can be baked or cooked over the pan, and the texture can be considered quite fluffy, compared to some other no-knead bread recipes! This taste quite like the usual bread that we eat.

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Both the girls enjoy this bread, so it's always on the menu when we need a quick snack or breakfast :) It's also a ideal item if you are rushing to go out with the kids (for their snack later in the day). The crispy browned top and bottom is what my toddler love as well!

No-Knead Bread Buns

prep time: 50 MINScook time: 9 MINStotal time: 59 mins


  • 30g bread flour
  • 20g plain or cake flour
  • 1g yeast
  • 3g sugar
  • pinch of salt
  • 3g oil
  • 35ml milk


  1. Add all ingredients in a medium sized bowl and mix well. Mix until dough comes together well.
  2. Cover and rest for 15 mins. Cut and shape into balls. I simply use a pair of food scissors to cut into 4 bite size dough, and pull the sides down to seal at the bottom. Cover and rest for 30 mins.
  3. Heat up pan on lowest fire, place dough on pan. You can slightly flatten the dough. Cover and cook on Low heat till brown (the side facing pan downwards), flip and cook till brown.

    Note: the first side took only a few mins to brown. you can also place filling such as cheese, jam, peanut butter, kaya etc.

    Recipe from Yummilicious for My Princess

This size is just nice for my toddler to hold :)

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