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My Confinement Catering (Thomson Medical Centre)

Okay, I know it has been 6 months since I've given birth. It's been quite busy for me, and then ideas for posts just got shelved further and further backwards everyday lol. Here's a short review of Thomson Medical Centre's (TMC) confinement catering!

As I was searching for confinement meals reviews last year, I find very little information available. So I hope this short review will be helpful for you!

Please also do not mind the messy photos, as I was really just trying to rush through my food most of the time lol.

For my #1's time, I ordered from Natal Essentials, and felt that their food was okay. Not too salty nor oily, and the best of all is that they do not use MSG in the cooking. However, I grew bored with their menu, as the food was repeating for 3 weeks (different variety of food only during 1st week and 2nd-4th week).

Hence, I was quite determined to get a caterer with quite a wide variety of food haha!

I was quite impressed with the menu from TMC, and of course their papaya fish soup! However, I had also read 2 reviews online on bugs/fly in the confinement food from Thomson Medical centre, and was very hesitant.

I wrote in to Thomson Medical Centre to check on this issue, and I found their reply quite sincere (bug found in batches of herbs, and supply of herbs was then changed), so I went ahead to order the 28 days confinement food. Plus, I have some discount since I have the SBI card from Thomson. So it was great for us!

This time round, it was quite convenient for me, as ordering can be done via their website, and I activated it 2 days before I was discharged from the hospital. Payment was simply charged to my credit card, so I didn't need to pay them by cheque or cash on the first delivery.

I was truly impressed with their menu, and the quality of their food. I appreciated that the food was quite mild in seasoning, and that went really well with my palate. Variety was great as well.

If I were to compare with Natal Essentials, the TMC confinement soup came more concentrated; Natal Essentials one tasted "watered down". However, the quantity of food served seemed to be smaller for TMC. That said, the food was enough for 1 pax. I also like that the food came in thermal containers, as I have grown to be quite wary of hot food packed in plastic containers now ;p

Some of their proteins include: grilled salmon, stir fry sliced fish, steamed ribs, and baked herbal chicken. Vegetables include: kai lan, broccoli, chinese spinach, stir fry chayote, and baked pumpkin. I also quite like their black chicken soup, pig's stomach soup, and lemongrass chicken soup.

Every meal was accompanied with 1 thermal flask of longan red date drink, which I can never seem to finish lol.

The only hiccup that happened was that I couldn't manage to open 1 of the thermal containers for 1 meal, I called the hotline up, and their assistance was very prompt and polite. Since there is no way that I can open the container, they gave me an extra dish for the next meal.

Overall, I did enjoy the meals, and the delivery uncle was very polite too. In fact, I fell in love with stir fried chayote, baked pumpkin, and some other dishes because I wouldn't have tried them, if I didn't have to eat them!

So yes, if given me a choice, I would have ordered from TMC for the confinement food during my #1's time too!

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