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EQ's 3rd Birthday!

How soon it was! To have celebrated her 3rd birthday 2 months ago, while it seemed like just yesterday when I cradled my firstborn for the first time :)

Becoming a mum gave me experiences and emotions I'd never thought going through. It's like a bittersweet experience, yet I really won't want to trade it for anything else in the world.

I am thankful that God has answered our prayers for an obedient, joyful and compassionate child. Though she's had her fair share of "meltdowns", I also empathize with her, having to go through so many transitions in just a few months. So far, she didn't have her "terrible 2", and now it's just occasional tantrums due to fatigue/hunger/needed attention, which I feel is all normal.

So yes, we had a fun time celebrating her 3rd birthday in Dec last year!

Haven't been frosting and decorating cakes for quite long before this cake!
I was glad it turned out fine.

Had a homey celebration the weekend before the actual birthday. It was quite an impromptu decision to make the cake, and I was glad to make myself do it! I have made her 1st, 2nd and 3rd birthday cakes, yay! I hope this would be a "tradition" for me to continue in the future :)

This is a strawberry shortcake, made with chiffon sponge, frosted with whipped cream, and topped with cream cheese roses.

Added her favourite Hello Kitty paper topper.
(Btw, check out my Etsy store if you want such customised toppers!)

Hahaha, ET was crying while we pose for the wefie!

And during that week, we celebrated the actual birthday in school. I wanted it to be a surprise, however, the teachers let the cat out of the bag the day prior to the celebration lol.

Her actual day birthday celebration in school! Stunned from nap haha.

I was quite happy with the DIY goodie bag that I have put together. It consists of non-food items because I don't like to offer sweet snacks like chocolates and sweets to young children. Happy with the puzzle I got from SKP!

So, after picking her earlier from school, we headed to the airport for the Hello Kitty themed cafe. While we were there, we saw the Pokemon decoration and display around the airport, and to my horror, the husband started introducing the characters to her hahaha!

The food at the cafe weren't all too bad. Even the picky husband was quite delighted at the beef stew! Probably if I were to state 1 thing that I didn't like, was that the food can be less salty.

And then we ended the celebration by showing her the present(s) at home!

I happened to see these play dough sets at Kiddy Palace while shopping there one day and decided to get them, as I think that the LO would love them! Best thing is, they are below S$10 each! (Take a look at how we used the mold with DIY salted clay dough)

So how do you celebrate your LO's birthdays? Share some ideas with me!

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