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Tom Yum Cookies

I remember when I started to develop an interest in baking, about 4 or 5 years ago, it was with cookies. There was this tom yum flavored cookie which was quite popular back then. And I tried so hard to find that elusive crunchy tom yum cookie recipe for our church's family day years ago lol.

Most of the tom yum cookie recipes that I had tried, would turn soft the next day, much to my disappointment. After trying countless batches, I gave up lol.

Recently, I saw Kenneth's post on Curry Laksa cookies, and so, I thought of trying it out. Coincidentally, I had some tom yum paste leftover from my lunch, so I tried this recipe using the tom yum paste.

And I love it!

Ok, I didn't use key ingredients in tom yum soup, like minced lemongrass or lime leaves, so it doesn't taste as "real" as the soup, but it's good enough for me. So, please feel free to add in some minced/chopped lemongrass or lime leaves :)

The cookies are crunchiest on the day of baking. They turned slightly softer the next day, but still crunchy, and I am happy!

Tom Yum Cookies - Recipe adapted from Kenneth Goh
(Makes about 20 cookies, depends on thickness and mold)
- 90g plain flour
- 60g butter
- 20g caster sugar
- 1 tbsp tom yum paste
- Some dried shrimps (hae bee), soaked briefly in warm water, drained and chopped
- 1 egg yolk for wash, optional

1.  Place butter and sugar in mixing bowl. Cream until light and fluffy.

2.  Add in tom yum paste till combined well. Add in chopped dried shrimps. Sift plain flour into the mixing bowl. Mix with a spatula in light and swift motions till a dough is formed.

3.  Remove dough and place onto floured surface (I use a pc of non-stick baking paper). Roll out dough to about 0.3cm to 0.5cm thickness. Cut out using preferred mold.

4.  Place cookie dough onto lined baking tray. Preheat oven to 170C.

5.  Egg wash if preferred. Bake in preheated oven for 12-15mins (depends on thickness), till nicely browned.

6.  Cool on baking tray for additional 5 mins before transferring onto cooling rack. Cool completely before storing in air tight container.

- Original recipe uses laksa paste and icing sugar.
- If you would like a more pronounced tom yum taste, you can add in some chopped lemongrass (white portion only) and/or chopped lime leaves.
- I probably would skip the egg wash next time! :p


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