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CNY Baking at Spurbox

Spent Sunday baking together with the little one at Spurbox!

She was so happy to mix the dough, roll them into these little chicken shaped pastries, and of course eating them!

This was our 2nd visit to Spurbox; the first was to bake a log cake during the Christmas season.

We arrived slightly early this time, and had to wait for the previous class to end. So glad that they have this small play area for the kids. EQ had fun pushing this little trolley around!

After being ushered into the baking area, a demo was shown by one of the staff. I remembered consciously telling myself to concentrate so that I could remember the steps, haha!

After the demo, we returned to the allocated space, and started mixing the dough.

 Considered sensory play?! Haha.

I don't have pictures of her shaping the pieces of the pastries, since I was also rolling the dough and was focusing on giving her instructions to follow.

After the shaping was done, the kiddos sat down for a story-telling session! There was also a mini craft session to complete a keychain.

After the pineapple tarts were baked and cooled properly, we placed them into the container given. She couldn't help but stole a bite! Haha!

I didn't managed to take a photo of the nice packaging, but you can take a look at it over at Play 乐学 Facebook page.

"Mama, can I eat this?" :p

She was so happy with the tarts she had made, that we went to the church that evening to give some to her grandma to taste! Both the hubby and I were so glad that she had enjoyed herself!

I won't be sharing the recipe given by Spurbox, however, if you would like to try these yourself, the recipe is quite similar to these melt-in-mouth pineapple balls I have made some years ago. (Oh yes, and if you would like, these open tarts here.)

Have fun!

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