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Toddler Christmas Activity: Baking at Spurbox

A while ago, I got to know about Spurbox from 1 of my mummy friends, Joey, at Play Lexue. I was quite interested to let EQ to go and try her hands at baking. I think my current situation does not allow me much time for cleaning up, if I were to try at home. Haha!!

And so, one day, I saw this log cake Christmas baking and craft session at Spurbox's facebook page, and asked Joey if she was interested as well.

I was glad that I have brought EQ along for this baking session! She has enjoyed herself so much :)

The class was very well organised, with ingredients measured out and placed on the table. It seemed easy for the kids to just mix around as well! :)

While the cake was baking, the kids were being entertained by a story-telling and craft session. Okay.... Mummy ended up making the craft for EQ because it was just too advanced for her age lol.

Yay, I was glad the kids enjoyed themselves, and us the mummies can also relax slightly over this activity organised by other people (lol). So will I go again? Yes definitely - when I want a fuss free sensory play + baking session! :)


  1. Wahaha next time I must zng abit when going classes with u ah!

    1. Ah? What to zhng? I am worse at the 披头散发 lol!