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Rice Flour Loaf Bread

I have been wanting to try out rice / glutinous rice flour in bread recipes, so I was happy that I finally had time to try this recipe, which I had KIV for quite a while!

For this loaf, it has airy crumbs, which gives way to a soft and chewy bite. A light variation of those bread that we usually eat, and it's quite nice for me! My toddler loves chewing on the bread too haha!

Rice Flour Bread Loaf - Recipe from Cookpad
(Makes 1x450g loaf)

-  233g bread flour
-  17g rice flour
-  13g milk, chilled
-  164g water, chilled
-  20g sugar
-  3g salt
-  3g yeast
-  6g butter
-  7g oil

1.  Place ingredients into bread pan and the yeast into yeast compartment. I am using Panasonic SD-P104, so I used Mode 9 for kneading into bread dough and 1st proof. The cycle will take about 1 hour, and I usually leave the dough in the machine for additional 15 mins.

2.   Remove dough from machine. Punch out air and divide into 2 balls of dough. Let rest for 15 mins.

3.   Take 1 dough and roll into a square shape. Fold the dough inwards from the right, and then the left, to form 1 slim rectangular shape. Using your rolling pin, roll and flatten the dough.

4.   Swiss roll the long dough up. Pinch to seal the edges. Place into bread tin. Repeat for the other dough.

5.  Let the bread dough proof again for about 45 mins. The dough should then reach about 2-2.5cm from the top of the bread tin.

6.   Once bread has finished proofing, bake in preheated oven of 180C for about 30-35 mins.

7.   Cool completely before storing in air tight container.

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