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Milk Mantou

As the toddler was having a bad cough the week before, she stayed home to prevent herself from getting another infection while recovering. The MIL very kindly came to help "jaga" the girls, and she noticed that the toddler only eats the dough part of the steamed pau I gave her for breakfast.

So I decided to make some steamed mantou for her breakfast the next day, since it had been quite a while since I last made mantou.

This recipe is quite a quick one, so it's good for me!

Need to improve on the rolling! See the little holes!

Steamed Milk Mantou - Recipe adapted from 幸福记忆
(Makes About 12 Mantou) 
-  300g Hong Kong flour, or low protein flour*
-  1/2 tsp yeast
-  30g sugar
-  180g milk
-  10g corn oil
-  1/8 tsp salt

I also cut off the 2 ends of the rolled up dough and placed them together to form
the mantou on lower left hand corner.

1.  Place all ingredients into bread machine. Make sure you "dig" 2 holes at opposite corners to place yeast and salt in. I am using Panasonic SD-P104, Menu 11 (Dumpling Skin mode). It will take about 15 mins to finish kneading.  If you are using mixer, simply mix all ingredients well, into an elastic dough.

2.   Shape dough into ball and rest for 5-10 mins.

3.    Roll out the dough into rectangular sheet, brush with water, and swiss roll the dough up.

4.    Divide the dough into portions and place onto baking paper (cut into small squares).

5.   In your steamer, heat up the water to around 40C (warm-ish) before turning the heat off. Place dough onto steaming rack, proof for 20-30 mins.

6.   On the heat on the stove, steam using medium heat for about 15 mins. I usually steam with a chopstick lifting the lid. Once off the heat, wait for a couple of minutes before lifting the lid.

I've also done this wholegrain mantou, stuffed with some tuna for my husband's breakfast.
Simply replace some of the flour with 30g Prima superfine wholegrain flour.

-  I used plain flour, and they turned out ok. Probably not as soft as HK or cake flour.
-  Any kind of neutral tasting oil can be used.
-  If your steamer's lid will drip condensation onto the mantou, please wrap the lid with a piece of cloth. I didn't because my lid will drip to the side.

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