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Some of you might have known that I experienced a miscarriage some time last year, and it was my 2nd pregnancy.

It was a horrible experience that I wish no one else would need to go through. However, I also thought that something good might be able to come out from this unfortunate event.

So when my friend approached me for this feature, I readily agreed, hoping that my sharing would be able to encourage some ladies experiencing the loss....

Thanks be to God for the strength He has given me, and the friends He has surrounded me with, who have offered me words of comfort and encouragement.

The writers/editors over at SmartParents really have put in the emotions rightly into the article, which I cannot be more thankful for. And yes, it provides me with a closure, though I know I may not "move on" fully, my unborn child lives in my memory, and may we meet in the future, with him/her in my arms for the first time.

Click here to read the article :)


  1. Hugs! Would never wish for anyone to go through that but Im really happy tat theres light at the end of the tunnel for u. Stay blessed and yes, God is with u!