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Baymax Deco Tang Yuan

Yesterday afternoon, while my baby was taking her nap, I hurried to the kitchen to make myself a quick and light lunch!

(Oh, do we all love it when the babies could nap for 3 hours?! :p)

As I cut down on grocery shopping these days, I realised I ran out of bread slices. So I decided to make some tang yuan to make up for the carbs portion (okayyyy, I know, excuses! haha).

The tang yuan recipe is the same as my panda tang yuan and pooh bear tang yuan. Very easy and straight forward to use!

Baymax Deco Tang Yuan - Recipe adapted from Peaceloving Pax
(Makes 3 pieces of tang yuan; Serves 1 adult)
-  2.5 tbsp glutinous rice flour
-  1 tbsp water (might be lesser, or more, depends on brand of flour)
-  1/4 tsp charcoal or dark cocoa powder or black food coloring gel 

The details on the Baymax was a bit koyak, because I was so
afraid that the baby might stir from her nap lol!

1.  Place glutinous rice flour in a bowl. Add in 1/2 tbsp of the water first, mix with the flour. Gradually add in more water to mix into a soft dough. If the dough becomes sticky due to too much water, knead in more flour until it doesn't stick.

2.  Once the main dough is ready, remove a really small portion of it. Add in charcoal powder or dark cocoa powder (or black food gel coloring). Knead till the color is evenly distributed. You might need to lightly dab your fingers with some water to pat onto the dough if it gets dry.

3.  With clean hands, roll the main white dough into 3 balls. You can place the dough onto baking paper for easy handling.

4.  Separate the black dough into - 1 longish strip and 2 small balls. Place onto the white dough.

5.  Bring a small pot of water to boil. Once boiling, place the dough into the pot of water. You can use a ladle or spoon to place the tang yuan into the water, and gently shake it out of the ladle or spoon.

6.  Cook the tang yuan until they float. Cook further for about 1 min more, to ensure that it is completely cooked. If you are not eating immediately, you can place them into a bowl of water first.

7.  Serve with warm ginger tea/soup, red bean soup or simple syrup water.

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