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The Birth Story of Our 2nd Child

Apologies on the lack of updates on the blog. Honestly, I don't really have time to bake/cook, or spend time doing activities with the toddler. And when I had time, I was doing customisation printables or updating my Etsy shop.

And now while I have some free time, I guess I had better document down the #2's birth story before the Mama's Brain decide to catch up with me haha!

The Braxton Hicks
While my first child was born exactly on her EDD, I had been getting strong braxton hicks around 27 weeks, so I thought that Mei Mei would probably be born earlier.

However, it turned out that she preferred to stay in the Hotel Womb lol!

I was also quite surprised that my gynae (Dr Benjamin Tham from WC Cheng & Associates) decided to let me carry the baby till full term, despite me having gestational diabetes. And for that, I am really thankful. It's just too bad that in the end we still had to go for induction haha!

Since the baby was still very comfortable inside, and the amniotic fluid is still quite a lot, on my 40w2d's checkup, so Dr Tham decided to induce me on 40w3d.

I was feeling pretty nervous about induction, and I wondered why was my prayer unanswered (to which I knew the answer after I delivered my baby lol). However, I realised that it was not all too bad, since we had time to properly plan how to take care of the toddler while I checked in to the hospital.

It was a 9-hour labour, natural delivery with induction, epidural and assisted birth (vacuum).

The Labour Process
11pm: I was admitted to the delivery suite for induction.

12am: Induction pill inserted after 30mins of CTG monitoring.

1am: Started to get mild contractions, which were bearable.

3am: The contractions got really intense, and while I wondered why my neighbour could be snoozing away, I was already contemplating to request for epidural.

4am: Can no longer tahan the pain, so I requested for epidural. Dilation remained at 2cm, and I was made to empty bowels before proceeding to labour ward.

4-5am: I was put on laughing gas while waiting for epidural to be administered. Pain was super unbearable! Thankful for 1 of the nurses who encouraged me along.

Felt really relieved once the epidural kicked in, at about close to 6am. I was then about 4-5cm dilated. Dilation from 5cm onwards was really fast - I dilated to 9cm in about 2 hours.

Actual Labour
The husband had to run (yes, run lol) back from his prata breakfast because I was to start pushing then, and just nice Dr Tham arrived for the pushing. You don't know how relieved I was to realise that it was before his clinic hours, so he could have more time with us hahaha!

The baby's heart rate dropped while she descended into the birth canal with each contraction and push, so Dr Tham decided to use the vacuum to hasten the birth process.

We were also thankful to see Dr Tham praying along, as he waited for the next contraction to use the vacuum.

And the little one was out with 3 major pushes, weighing 2.975kg!

Can't be ever more thankful for this rather smooth pregnancy, and the safe arrival of our 2nd child :)


  1. Hi Cherie, your baby looks peaceful and contented. Bless her and may she be filled with Jesus all the days of her life.

    Priscilla Poh

    1. Thank you Priscilla! :)

      Yes, I pray that she would love God with all her heart and may Jesus be housed in her heart. Oh yes, she would be getting her baptism in Dec!

  2. Awww what a gorgeous lil one! CONGRATS once again babe!