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Toddler Mooncake Activity

A few weeks back, I happened to see the activity which my friend at Play 乐学 did with her toddler.

So I thought of trying it out, since I have the mooncake molds. However I was lazy (hahaha) to do the DIY play dough, and since I have extra premix flour, I just made the real snowskin for this activity.

I made the snowskin for her, so that it is easier and less messy. However I did let her try kneading the dough a little. Then we started off by letting her roll the dough into balls.

-  Mooncake snowskin
-  Liquid food coloring or food gel coloring
-  Mooncake mold
-  Extra kou fen or premix flour for dusting (in case dough gets sticky)
-  Baking paper or non-stick surface for rolling and pressing of mold

There were ang ku kueh ones because the husband requested for it hahaha.

Though she sort of deviated from the original instructions of rolling the dough into balls, we were happy that she enjoyed herself!

If you have these materials at home, why not let your toddler or kids try it out? :)

We had another round of mooncake fun a few days later! I kept the dough cling-wrapped in the fridge. And the little one asked to play with it again, and we were excited to play! Haha!

We dusted the dough with some kao fen before starting because the dough seemed to be stickier than the first time.

She actually made better prints on the dough, and played more according to our instructions this time round!

She was supposed to roll the dough into a ball, but this is really how she liked to do lol.

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