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EQ at 2Y7M

You would have noticed that I stopped blogging about my child quite a while back.

It happened when someone with a "strange" IG ID followed me. And it suddenly occurred to me that I probably would need to "protect" my child with the images I've uploaded online. So I sort of stopped posting updates and pictures of her, with the full frontal view alone.

However I also miss jotting down her milestones on my blog. So I guess I would start writing about her milestones again - and let's see how it goes :p

It has been a while since we've placed her in the childcare centre (think it's about 2 years!), and we are happier when she was promoted to her Play Group class because the teachers there seem to be more caring and attentive, and more in line with my positive parenting :p

We are still waiting for her to be promoted to N1, since she's a Dec baby. It's kind of a nice thing for the teachers to monitor her progress before pushing her up to the next level.

Her first kite flying at Marina Barrage!

Brought her along to Fresh Fruits Lab for brunch with my friend!
First outing with mummy alone after her infant days :p

Having mini Cornetto at my neighbour's baby's full month celebration.

1.  She can express herself better using short-phrased sentences, eg: "I want eat bread", "No I don't want"

2.   Unknowingly, we started to speak more in English to her at home - which was not my original idea! I had wanted to speak more Mandarin to her, hoping that she can be effectively bilingual in future. Time to relook into this area, as she's starting to speak Mandarin in the ang moh accent lol!

3.   Teachers from her class had told us that EQ seemed to be moving towards toilet training. Yup, I am waiting for her to be ready before we toilet train her. Now she seemed to be able to tell us only after she pooped lol. So yes, I am guessing should be around 3 years old or so before we toilet train.

4.   She eats independently on her own relatively well without much spills, except when she's drinking soup. She uses utensils and her hands occasionally when she eats. I think that's quite a great thing for a 2+ year old!

Brought her to IKEA and she fell asleep in the stroller with the cuddly fox stuffed toy,
which we bought later on. Haha!

Other than the positive stuff, we also realised she seemed to be regressing back into the "baby" stage. I was wondering if it's because we are expecting our 2nd child soon - which was also what I had read on articles.

She insisted on sleeping inside the baby rocker for a couple of nights and naps lol!

And more prone to tantrums these days - which didn't happened during her "Terrible 2" days at all!

So yes, at 2Y7M, she's still slightly picky with her food. And she seemed to be eating quite a bit of snacks/junk food at the childcare centre, like chocolates, jellies, etc :(

However, we are also pleased with how she had progressed with her emotions, physical motor skills and others :) Just hoping that her "Three-Nager" stage will pass by quickly. LOL!

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