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Tau Suan

Okay, honestly speaking, this photo does not make the tau suan look delicious lol.

I made the tau suan in the afternoon, wanting to have it for tea break. However the husband and the toddler took a nap, so I had to just scoop out for myself. Since I have gestational diabetes, I decided to go easy on the sugar syrup :p

So you can't really see the syrup here!

Tau Suan - Recipe Adapted from Cuisine Paradise & Peng's Kitchen
(Serves 3 to 4 adults)
-  200g mung bean
-  2 knots of pandan leaves (about 4 to 6 pandan leaves in total)
-  700ml of water
-  100g sugar, or adjust according to your taste
-  Thickener: 3 tbsp of potato starch + 3 tbsp of water
-  Fried you tiao, cut into pieces

1.   Rinse and soak the mung beans for a couple of hours.

2.   Place 1 knot of the pandan leaves together with the mung beans, and steam for about 30 mins on medium high heat. Set aside.

3.   Boil the water with sugar and 1 knot of pandan leaves. Stir occasionally to ensure the sugar dissolve well. Once boiled, lower heat and add in half portion of the thickener. Stir well.

 4.   Add in the steamed mung beans and continue stirring. If the syrup does not thicken to your liking, add in another portion of the thickener slowly. Stir well and let the syrup boil slightly. The syrup will further thicken as it boils.

5.   Serve together with fried you tiao.

And my husband's version of the tau suan at night. Looks better with the thick gooey syrup, right? :p


  1. Hi Cherie,
    Wish I could join you for a bowl of yummy tau suan ... cos my big kids don't fancy tau suan. They only attack the you tiao ... lol.

    1. Hi Karen, lol! It's the opposite from mine! My husband and toddler don't fancy the you tiao. Always me eating the high calories you tiao lol!