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Tau Suan 豆爽

Gula Melaka Tau Suan

I first posted this Tau Suan recipe in 2016. However I was in a rush to take photos, so they did not turn out very nice.

Had been wanting to make tau suan again, but we were just so busy each weekend! So I was very happy to have some time to make it again last weekend.

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Tau Suan (豆爽) is a sweet Chinese dessert soup, made from split mung beans. It is served in a thick sweet syrup (soup), and usually accompanied with some Chinese fried fritters (油条).

Gula Melaka Tau Suan

My husband prefers homemade Tau Suan because he finds that the stores selling this dessert usually serve very little beans with very diluted sweet syrup.

A few years back, we first ate Tau Suan with gula melaka syrup at a claypot rice stall, and it was a love at first sight for him.

So this time round, we used some gula melaka to cook the syrup.

Tau Suan

prep time: 15 MINScook time: 45 MINStotal time: 60 mins


  • 200g split mung bean
  • 2 knots of pandan leaves (about 4-6 leaves in total)
  • 700ml water
  • 60g chopped gula melaka + 40g sugar; or just 100g sugar
  • Thickener: 3 tbsp potato starch + 3 tbsp water
  • Fried fritters, cut


  1. Rinse and soak the mung beans for a couple of hours. You can also do it overnight.
  2. Place 1 knot of the pandan leaves together with the mung beans, and steam for about 30 mins on medium high heat. Set aside.
  3. Boil the water with sugar and 1 knot of pandan leaves. Stir occasionally to ensure the sugar dissolve well. Once boiled, lower heat and add in half portion of the thickener. Stir well.
  4. Add in the steamed mung beans and continue stirring. If the syrup does not thicken to your liking, add in another portion of the thickener slowly. Stir well and let the syrup boil slightly. The syrup will further thicken as it boils.
  5. Serve warm with fried fritters.

This was one of the photos taken in 2016 ;)

Tau Suan Singapore Recipe

And updated with these new photos! Looks better right?!

Gula Melaka Tau Suan |


  1. Hi Cherie,
    Wish I could join you for a bowl of yummy tau suan ... cos my big kids don't fancy tau suan. They only attack the you tiao ... lol.

    1. Hi Karen, lol! It's the opposite from mine! My husband and toddler don't fancy the you tiao. Always me eating the high calories you tiao lol!