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Panda Deco Tang Yuan

These days I have been craving for sweet stuff, so I do cheat snacks (most of the time lol) by making it myself and add less sugar.

Made some red bean soup for tea time today, which was mildly sweetened by some honey. Also added in some gula melaka filled panda tang yuan! This combi goes really quite well!

Panda Deco Tang Yuan - Recipe adapted from Peaceloving Pax
(Makes about 6 pcs of panda tang yuan)
-  5 tbsp glutinous rice flour
-  2.5 to 3 tbsp water
-  1 tsp charcoal powder

-  Chopped gula melaka

1.   Place glutinous rice flour in a medium sized bowl. Add in water by 3 batches to mix with the flour. After adding in 2 batches of the water, slowly add in the water if dough is still too dry. You can knead with your hands to get a better feel of the dough. The dough should not be dry and cracking.

2.   Once the main dough is ready, remove a portion of it (about 1/6 of dough). Add in charcoal powder or black food coloring if you do not have charcoal powder. Knead till color is even. You might need to dab your fingers with some water to moisten the dough.

3.   Once the 2 colors dough are ready, you can shape the pandas. First separate the white dough into portions and size of your liking. Roughly roll into balls and flatten it. Place chopped gula melaka into the centre and seal properly. You might not want to place too much gula melaka in the dough, as it might leak.

4.   Prepare the parts for the panda: ears, eyes and nose using the black dough.

5.   Place the black dough onto the panda's "face".

 I wrapped a little too much gula melaka in some of the pandas, so they started to
"leak" out from the dough.

6.   Bring a small pot of water to boil. Once boiling, drop the tang yuan gently into the pot. Boil till the tang yuan floats up.

7.   You can serve it with sweet soups, ginger soup or simply peanut sugar mixture :)

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