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Tsum Tsum Donald & Daisy Snowskin Mooncakes

Err, yes, you could have guessed that my mooncake "craze" is not over yet! :p

I have bookmarked this homemade mung bean filling recipe for quite a while, so I thought of just trying it out, since I have not tried making mung bean filling before.

I didn't think that it would be easier than I thought! You could try out the mung bean filling recipe if you are looking for something "healthier" since you can control the amount of oil and sugar that goes into cooking the filling.

Sorry I forgot to take photos of the cut mooncakes. The filling has this nice coconut scent, probably from the oil and the sugar I've used, which is slightly different from the usual mung bean filling I have tried. The paste also turned out brownish in color.

You can use normal cooking oil and caster sugar for a lighter taste and color.

Tsum Tsum Donald & Daisy Snowskin Mooncakes
Recipes adapted from Sugar & Everything Nice | Victoria Bakes

(Makes about 5-6 small snowskin mooncakes)
(A) Snowskin
-  23g kou fen 糕粉 + 3g wheat starch
-  30g icing sugar
-  35g boiled pandan water, cooled completely
-  7g coconut oil
-  Coloring: charcoal powder, pumpkin powder, blue & pink food coloring

(B) Mung Bean Filling*
-  125g split mung bean
-  62g coconut oil or vegetable oil
-  42g coconut sugar or caster sugar
-  1/2 tbsp condensed milk

1.   Prepare the mung bean filling first. Wash and soak the mung beans overnight. Drain the mung beans and place on steaming plate or container. Steam over high heat around 25-30 mins until they are soft and can be mashed easily.

2.   Mashed the steamed mung bean slightly. Add in 1 tbsp oil, 2 tbsp sugar, condensed milk. Mash until fine. You can do this in a food processor, or by using hand blender.

3.   Pour 2 tbsp of oil + remaining sugar into a frying pan. Mix well and heat till slightly hot.

4.   Add in mashed mung bean. Fry until well blended with the oil and sugar. Add in 1/2 of the remaining oil.

5.   Continue to fry until the paste has soaked up the oil. Then add in remaining portion of oil. Fry till paste comes together well.

6.   Cool completely before use.

7.   Prepare the snowskin. Place kou fen, wheat starch and icing sugar into a mixing bowl. Stir to mix well. Make a well in the centre of the bowl.

8.   Combine water and oil in another small bowl. Add into the flour mixture. Mix them well in the same direction. You will need to do this quickly for smooth skin.

9.   After the ingredients have combined, you can continue to mix/knead for 20-30 seconds more to form into a ball. Cling wrap and let dough rest for about 15-20 mins.

10.   Portion your paste filling accordingly and roll into balls. I am using about 18g of filling. Set aside.

11.   Prepare colored snowskin dough. I am using charcoal and pumpkin powder for black and yellow portions. If you don't have them, you can simply use food coloring for all. Pinch out small portions of dough for coloring, about 5-6g each. You can knead the colored dough using food grade gloves as the dough would be quite sticky.

12.   Portion the white snowskin dough into balls. I am using about 10g each. If the skin is too thin to manage, you can use around 12-13g. Roll the dough out using rolling pin. Dust with kou fen if it gets sticky.

13.   Wrap the dough around the filling and seal well by pinching. Roll between your palms gently to smooth the skin.

14.  Set aside the rolled white snowskin mooncakes. Cover with damp cloth or cling wrap. Now prepare the facial details. Roll out the colored dough for: bow, hat, mouth, eyes, cheeks.

15.  Place the details onto the snowskin mooncake. If you have dusted a little much kou fen and the details doesn't stick well, you can dip a toothpick in water and lightly dab onto the dough.

16.  Chill for about 2-3 hours in air tight container before serving.

- I've omitted condensed milk for the mung bean filling and needed to oil a little more oil while cooking the paste.

-  You will have extra mung bean paste from the recipe above. If you do not want to keep extra paste, you can further cut the recipe by 1/2.

-  I've made these in super mini sizes. You can make them bigger if you like (it's also easier to do the details for bigger mooncakes). Just adjust the dough + filling accordingly :)

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