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Swirl Patterned Snowskin Mooncakes (Blueberry / Chendol)

Like I've mentioned here, I love mooncakes! Both eating and making them haha!

My husband shares the same "love" as me, so he's always happy to eat mooncakes that I make - especially it saves him money :p

A few days back, I made some blueberry snowskin mooncakes and gula melaka chendol snowskin mooncakes. I love fruity snowskin mooncakes!

Sorry that I would not be able to share the snowskin recipe here, but I would be sharing how to make the swirl pattern. I like a mix of colors for snowskin mooncakes, and I must admit my mooncakes were not really nice when I just started learning how to make them.

Which is why after 2 years of not making mooncakes, I had to really start making them again - so scared skills rusty, la! :p

The cut didn't look very nice because I cut them shortly after I made them -
cannot resist not trying! Lol!

I like the chendol mooncakes look better - probably because the contrast of the colors are more obvious. The yellow portion was made by using gula melaka syrup.

For the blueberry ones, I just used food coloring. If I am making them again, I will probably substitute the purple portion with some Ribena syrup.

I simply heat the gula melaka with some water over low heat. Be careful not to let it get burnt.
You can shave the gula melaka into smaller pieces for quicker melting.

Rubbing in the shortening to the kou fen mixture to make the snowskin! I am using
Crisco because it said 0% transfat. Oh well :p

You can use any snowskin recipe that you like. Add in purple food coloring into 1/4 of the dough portion. For the gula melaka snowskin, I simply make a separate portion since I didn't want to add in more kou fen to the dough, as I am not sure if it would compromise the soft skin.

If you do not like the taste of kou fen, you can boil some pandan leaves in water, leave to cool & chill before using.

Making of the Swirl Pattern:

1.   Firstly, roll out long logs of dough, depending on the color combination that you want. I usually alternate the colors so it's more distinct.

2.   Pinch out a portion of the dough from the "log" above. I am using 15g skin for 50g mold.

3.   Using a rolling pin, roll out the ball of dough above into a flat roundish dough.

4.   Place the paste on the dough to wrap up using the space between your index finger and thumb. Slowly move the dough in place to seal. Don't worry if you accidentally tear the skin. Snowskin dough is usually very malleable, so you can "shift" and move the dough in place.

5.   Once wrapped and sealed, you can roll the dough gently between your palms to try to remove obvious creases. Use your mold or plunger to press out the design. If you are using plunger, you will need to flour the plunger generously, shake out excess flour, apply certain pressure to get nicely printed design. 

It's really easy right! :)



  1. Hi Cherie, I like the mooncake molds with the english wordings. Are u able to advise me how u got it? What is the total payment u paid if u got it online.

    Priscilla Poh

    1. Hello there Priscilla! :)

      Are you on facebook's "BC Market Place"? I bought it from 1 of the sellers there. But I am not sure if she still have stock, as the set I bought from her was the 2nd last one. You can join the facebook group and search there. Some of them are still selling mooncake molds.

      Sorry can't be of much help here!

  2. Thanks Cherie for your fast response. I will try and search the site later. How much did u pay for the mold? How many plates were there (interchangeable pattern plates). I could see about 3 plates in your snowskin mooncake creation, am I correct? Maybe I shall visit This site lead me to Taobao which carries plenty mooncake molds.

    Priscilla Poh

    1. Opps, I forgot how much I bought them for. It's 1 plunger + 4 plates. I forgot why I used only 3. Ahh, the bad pregnancy memory lol.

      Yes, I think Tao Bao would have quite a bit of mooncake molds. I think I have also seen those that you can customise the words on them. However do check their shipping duration, so can reach you in time :)

      Hope you get the molds that you want!

  3. Good day Cherie, thanks again for your response. I am buying the molds for next year. A little afraid as I hv to pay via online transaction which I had never done such transaction before (read too many hackings of bank accounts with internet banking, hence, very fearful). Anyway, I think I will take a plunge and buy online at Taobao since I could not find any good moonie molds sold in any of the bakery supply stores in S'pore.

    Priscilla Poh

    1. I see. Ya I find Tao Bao molds nicer than local ones :p Hope you can find a good forwarder for Tao Bao to Singapore! Have a good wk ahead! :)