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Simple Keroppi Rice Ball

These days I have been thinking of many ideas to "cutetify" my daughter's food, because she likes to see cute stuff!

The other day I made some pandan rice, and thought that I could make some Keroppi rice ball. It's quite easy to make!

Keroppi Rice Ball
-  Pandan Rice (I used some blended pandan water + more water top-up to steam the rice)
-  Cheese Slice
-  Nori Sheet
-  Ketchup

-  Cling Wrap
-  Circle Cutter
-  Small Scissors for food
-  Toothpick

1.   Take a portion of the pandan rice, according to your child's serving size. Place the rice on a piece of cling wrap, and shape into a round ball shape. Flatten the rice ball slightly.

2.   Cut out 2 circles using circle cutter for the eyes. You can also pan fry egg white into egg sheet, and cut it out. Place onto rice ball.

3.   Using your scissors, cut out 2 small circles for the eyes, 2 rectangular strips for the V shape mouth outline. Place them onto the rice ball.

4   Using a toothpick, dab 2 small circles of ketchup onto the cheeks of Keroppi. And you're done!

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