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Hello Kitty Crispy Waffles

I recently got myself a new Hello Kitty waffle pan! I had been searching for waffle maker and pans because the husband loves waffles.

However I find waffle maker quite bulky for my little kitchen (lol), so I searched for waffle pans instead. I happened to see this local seller selling the Hello Kitty pan, so I decided to get it.

 She mentioned it was from Japan, but when I received the pan, it looks slightly different than the ones I've seen on the Internet. Err, ya so I am not sure if it's authentic :p

Anyway, I was not able to make bread last night because I didn't have time and was quite tired. So this morning I managed to make these waffles. This is a quick recipe as well!

I think I need more practice! Since the shape of the Hello Kitty isn't too nice here :p

Crispy Waffles - Recipe from Clare Ng
(Makes 6 pieces of waffles)
-  125g plain flour
-  1 tsp aluminum-free baking powder
-  1/4 tsp salt
-  2 tsp sugar
-  2 eggs
-  2 tbsp melted butter, cooled
-  240ml milk

1.   Place the flour, baking powder, salt and sugar in a bowl. Whisk to combine well.

2.   Beat eggs with a fork. Add in milk and melted butter. Mix well.

3.   Heat up your waffle maker or waffle pan over the stove. I brushed some oil on my waffle pan and heated both sides on the stove for 2 mins each.

4.   Add the egg mixture to dry ingredients. Whisk to mix well.

5.   Pour the batter into waffle maker or pan and cook till ready. After pouring in the batter, I lock my waffle pan and flip over, cook for 3 mins. Then flip over and cook for 3 mins on the other side.

6.   Serve immediately with fruits, chocolate sauce, jam, honey or maple syrup on the side.


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