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Flaming Feast of 4 Nations Platters from The Manhattan FISH MARKET

As you would have known that one of our family's favourite restaurant to dine-in at would be The Manhattan FISH MARKET!

In celebrating our nation's 51st birthday, The Manhattan FISH MARKET has launched its new Flaming Feast of 4 nations. This would be a limited time menu with 4 flaming platters, featuring the restaurant's signature cooking style, which are inspired by our very own popular and unique Asia's flavors!  

Super Shiok Flaming Platter, $38.95 (Launch: 1 Aug 2016)
Signature flaming prawns with salted egg yolk sauce, sambal leatherjacketfish,
prawn paste chicken, soft shell chilli crab.

You would be able to find the Super Shiok Flaming Platter being launched island-wide during our National Day week; and along with the 3 other platters - Sawatdee Flaming Platter, Oishi Ne Flaming Platter, Masarap Flaming Platter - which would be launched over the next 2 months.

Sawatdee Flaming Platter, $38.95 (Launch: 1 Sep 2016)
Flamed scallops in Sriracha sauce, fried Thai Chili Squid,
grilled spicy tiger prawns, green curry chicken.

Oishi Ne Flaming Platter, $59.95 (Launch: 1 Oct 2016)
King crab with flaming Ebiko sauce, miso fresh clams,
hand-battered fish fillet with Wasabi Mayo sauce, Ajitama lava eggs.

Masarap Flaming Platter, $38.95 (Launch: 1 Oct 2016)
Flaming Milk Fish Sisiq, spicy baked coconut seafood Bicol Express,
braised chicken Adobo, prawn fritters.

The flaming platters will be served on a bed of fragrant garlic herb rice and a side of hot veggies - which are truly mine and my daughter's favourite! (She absolutely loves steamed broccoli lol)

All 4 flaming platters will be available until 30 Nov 2016, and available at 15 The Manhattan FISH MARKET's outlets.

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For more information, please visit The Manhattan FISH MARKET's website.
All photo images are from The Manhattan FISH MARKET.

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