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Cinnamon Wholemeal Bread Buns

So excited to receive the stencils from our Tao Bao package recently :p

The stencil idea is frm Victoria Bakes. However mine appeared quite messy because the buns are a little too small for the stencil size and I had problem positioning it well and dusting with cocoa powder. I wonder if using cocoa powder + egg yolk + thin brush is a better idea hehe.

These buns are soft wholemeal buns, with a slight cinnamon scent, which I really like! Best of all it's an easy and straightforward dough method.

Cinnamon Wholemeal Buns - Recipe from Allie's Private Paradise
(Makes 9 buns in 6" or 7" square pan)
-  220g bread flour
-  30g wholemeal flour
-  2g salt
-  15g coconut or brown sugar
-  1g cinnamon powder
-  2g instant yeast
-  100g cold milk
-  70g cold water
-  15g chilled butter


1.   Combine all ingredients in the bread pan. Select Bread Dough mode (Panasonic SD-P104 Mode 9: kneading + first proof).  If you do not have a bread machine, simply mix all ingredients except butter together. When it's mixed to a smooth dough, add in butter and knead till window pane stage. Let proof till double in size.

2.   Divide dough into 9 portions. Roll into rounds and rest for 10 mins.

3.   Take the dough and punch out air. You can also add in fillings like dark or milk chocolate. Roll into rounds again. Place into lined baking tray. Proof again until the dough double in size (about 45-50 min).

4.    If you do not have a stencil, you can brush on some egg wash and sprinkle with some sesame seeds. If you want to dust on some patterns, simply use a brush and dust on cocoa powder on the surface of the dough.

5.   Bake in preheated oven at 180C for 15-20mins. 

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