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Baymax Snowskin Mooncakes

Yesterday I stumbled upon a snowskin recipe, and I thought of just trying it out to see if it's nicer. This recipe uses oil, so I think it's definitely "healthier"!

Snowskin Mooncakes - Recipe adapted from Sugar & Everything Nice
(Makes about 3-4 mini mooncakes)
-  26g kou fen 糕粉
-  30g icing sugar
-  35g boiled pandan water, cooled completely*
-  7g coconut oil*
-  1/2 tsp charcoal powder

-  Lotus paste, or paste of your choice

1.   Place kou fen and icing sugar into mixing bowl. Stir to mix well. Make a well in the centre of the bowl.

2.   Combine the cooled water and oil in another small bowl. Add into the bowl of dry ingredients. Mix them well in the same direction. You will need to do this quickly for smooth skin.

3.   After the ingredients have combined, you can continue to mix/knead for 20-30 seconds more to form into a ball.

4.   Portion your paste filling accordingly and roll into balls. I am using about 20g of filling. Set aside.

5.   Take a small portion of the snowskin and mix with 1/2 tsp of charcoal powder. The dough would be slightly sticky, so you can use extra kou fen to lightly pat around the dough if it gets too sticky.

6.   Portion the white snowskin dough into balls. I am using about 16g. Roll the dough out using rolling pin. Dust the dough if it gets sticky.

7.   Wrap the filling in the dough and seal. Roll the mooncake around your palms gently to a round shape. Do this for all of the white snowskin dough.

8.   For facial details of Baymax, simply roll out a thin sausage and place in the center of the face. Followed by 2 small round flattened dough for the eyes.

9.   Chill for a couple of hours before serving. It should keep well in air tight container (not too big) for about 3 days.

Packed in breakfast box for my husband :p

- Original recipe uses extra virgin olive oil. I used coconut oil and love the fragrance it gives, together with the pandan water. For pandan water, simply boil some water together with 1 or 2 blades of pandan leaves.

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