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Rainbow Shooting Star Macarons

Just photos sharing today :)

I had not been blogging quite consistently because I was busy brainstorming ideas for my bakes + making artwork designs for my Society6 and Etsy stores.

To top it all, I was being diagnosed with gestational diabetes during my recent gynae visit. Oh the horror (of all pregnant mummies)....

I was trying to cope with the news on that day itself, and then learning to adjust to the new diet given to me. The body was really like detoxing all the carbs and sugar, and I felt really lousy. Needless to say, I wasn't in the mood to bake, because I was trying to cook all 3 meals a day by myself lol!

Of course, I also wondered if being not able to eat the bakes made me bake less better! I burnt a batch of cookies in the oven, which was meant for my little one (lol, how could I ever burn cookies?!); and this recent macarons weren't very well made either!

Ahh... I just hope to pull through the remaining 2.5 months :p

This rainbow shooting star design comes from Loving Creations 4 U. I didn't realise that piping out odd shapes like this is really difficult! Thankfully I only piped out 3 colors, compared to Phay Shing who did more colors, and such an amazing job!

I sandwiched these plain macaron shells with raspberry dark chocolate ganache, which was something I wanted to try - something mildly sweet and slightly tart. Hope my (birthday girl) friend would like it! :)

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