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My (2nd) 1st Trimester

Hello Darling at 12 weeks!

Actually this should be considered to bemy 3rd pregnancy, but due to the previous miscarriage, so I don't really take it as my 3rd, first trimester - I think!

Anyway... This 1st trimester is a whole lot of emotional rollercoaster for me. While battling with the surging hormones, I had quite bad morning sickness as well. I also had to battle with negative emotions I still had towards the miscarriage - I miss my previous baby so.

Comparing to my first pregnancy, I guess it's really different this time round!

Since both the husband and I were not pan tang people, we announced our 2nd pregnancy previously quite early on. And I also could not contain my happiness, so I had to share with my mummy friends lol.

However, that also meant that I had to inform quite a bit of people of the miscarriage news, and it was truly difficult to do.

So this time round, I just decided to "inform" some of my close friends, as I needed their support. Particularly those who had experienced miscarriage, and then conceived and gave birth successfully.

We also hid the news from both our families until 12 weeks were over lol.

This is how "paranoid" I am, but is normal due to the previous bad experience.

During CNY period, where I was pregnant for just a few weeks. Nothing much changed
- since I was not piling weight on that time haha!

There were not much changes compared to my first pregnancy, except that I realised my tummy protruded quite early on (okay la, I also gained "spare tyre" around the tummy after stopping breastfeeding lol).

I also realised that the fatigue and aches I experienced was much worse than before, but I am not sure if this was also contributed in a way by my 2 year old toddler hahaha!

So as usual, I used my trusty Blooming Marvelous' belly band from Mother Care to ensure that I have enough support to reduce backaches.

I also relied quite heavily on my Scholl's compression socks to sleep at night, at least until the 2nd trimester.

While my husband took over patting the little one to bed, I was trying to rest my aching legs
and sending a picture to my pregnant friend, telling her this is a must-buy lol!

In my battling with fatigue, I often spend afternoons taking 2-3 hours nap, because if I do not, then I usually would end up with bad headaches.

At the same time, thank God that I was able to continue to bake despite having morning sickness lol.

I managed to finish a 60 fondant cookie order then, and was so thankful to Mummy T
for the communication and understanding :)

Also thankful that I was able to take on some baking workshops,
despite standing on feet for quite a few hours!

This time round, the raging hormones continue to spare no one hahaha!

I guess I get even easily irritated due to taking care of the toddler when she was unwell. She had a few bouts of flu and even an episode of HFMD!

And yes, negativity continue to "take over" me sometimes. I also continue to rely on the pregnancy prayer book I bought during my first pregnancy.

Due to the previous miscarriage, I needed more emotional support. I guess this is where close friends really come in! I am so thankful for close friends who knew what I was going through, and listened without judgement. The advice they gave me is also so invaluable!

Well, I thought, as a 2nd time mummy, I would be quite "well equipped" to handle whatever that would be coming.

But I was wrong!

Since I couldn't feel any movements during the first trimester, most of the time was spent in fear and prayers.

The fear is especially real and scary after a loss :(

So, just like my first pregnancy, I kept myself informed and to try eliminate the fear by reading up on Christian mums' blogs for support, on articles for successful childbirth after miscarriage, etc. Reading up and attending courses would be something important for expectant mummies like us through the entire pregnancy, I feel.

And yes, without realising much and without much "happenings" - I reached the 13 weeks mark :)

Currently I am in my 30 weeks, and I am so looking forward to cradling my baby in my arms. To all fellow mummies who are TTC or expecting rainbow babies, may you have the strength to believe in God's gift from above :)


  1. i can feel u. hehe. i m at my last trimester too. hopefully everything goes well. =) jia you!

    1. Hehe thanks Shirley! Yes let's jia you together!! :)