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Toddler Friendly Pumpkin Curry

I was so happy to have finally bought pumpkin to cook this curry!

Originally I had wanted to cook some pumpkin potato soup for the little one, but felt slightly adventurous, so decided to try out curry.

These days, I realised that the little one is quite "resistant" to new food introduced to her. As long as it looks strange and new, she wouldn't want to try, until I offer the same item for a few times more lol. Is this how toddlers work?!

This pumpkin curry is quite mild, as long as you choose curry powder without chili in it. Adding in the pumpkin puree also further sweeten and thicken up the curry. If you like, you can also stir in some tomato / pasta paste.

Toddler Friendly Pumpkin Curry
(2 Toddler Serving Size)
-  120g pumpkin, peeled and cut into smaller pieces
-  1/4 onion, diced
-  1 small carrot, diced
-  1 potato, diced
-  1/2 to 1 tsp curry powder, depending on your toddler's preference
-  20g Minced chicken or pork
-  Small amount of grated cheese
-  1/2 to 1 tsp light soy sauce, optional

1.   Steam and mash the pumpkin. I steamed it on my electric lunchbox for about 15 mins. Set aside after you mashed the pumpkin.

2.   Heat up frying pan or wok. Add in onion and stir fry till slightly softened and fragrant.

3.   Add in minced meat, stir fry till it doesn't look very raw.

4.   Add in carrot and potato. Stir fry for a while, add in some water.

5.   Dissolve the curry powder in some water and add into the frying pan. Stir well to coat all  ingredients. Let it boil briefly, before switching to lower heat, simmer for about 30 mins. Add water in between if it gets too dry.

6.   Add in pumpkin puree and stir well to "dissolve" the puree into the curry mixture. You will notice that the curry thickens up. You can add in some water if you wish. Simmer the curry over low heat for about 15 mins or until potato and carrot soften.

7.   Add in cheese and light soy sauce before dishing up. Stir well and taste. Add in more light soy if you wish.

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