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Taiwanese Dan Bing with Bonito Flakes

This week is the 3rd week the little one is at home with me. I really salute all the full time moms taking care of a toddler (or toddlers) all by themselves!

I have been running out of ideas what to cook for lunch and dinner. Plus, the flu is making me really tired and drowsy. Not sure if my heavy tummy contributed to the tiredness as well :p

So today, for lunch, I decided to cook something simple for the little one, while I cook simple tom yum soup with rice on my ELB.

This is a very simple recipe to put together, and I think it's also great for breakfast or tea break snack!

The Taiwanese dan bing 蛋饼 seems to be like a combination of crepe + omelette, and most of the locals have it with spring onions, and/or pork floss. For a healthier choice, I've added bonito flakes instead, and really love that smokey flavor!

But... I think I had the frying pan slightly too hot, so the flour batter actually set before I could spread it out lol! So it became softer, instead of crispy. I also didn't brown it too much, because the crepe seemed quite thick.

Taiwanese Dan Bing with Bonito Flakes - Recipe adapted from 洪小龙 facebook page
(Serves 1 toddler)
-  8g cake / plain flour
-  2g potato / corn starch 太白粉
-  10 to 15g water
-  1 egg, beaten
-  A few drops of light soy
-  Handful of bonito flakes 柴鱼片

1.   Place flour and potato starch into a bowl. Mix well. Add water and mix well.

2.   In your frying pan, drizzle some oil and wipe with kitchen paper towel. Heat up pan using small heat on your stove.

3.   When pan is slightly warm, pour in batter from (1). Rotate your pan to spread out the batter thinly. When the crepe seemed set (the sides would curl up), flip side and cook for a while longer. Dish up and set aside.

4.   Add some light soy sauce into egg and beat or whisk it well. Pour the egg mixture onto frying pan, top with a handful of bonito flakes, and place the crepe from (3) on top.

5.   Cook until omelette is set, flip over to cook the crepe till slightly browned if you wish. Roll up the dan bing, dish up.

6.  Cool slightly before cutting and serve.

Dan Bing served with some toasted nori and stir fry mushrooms + veg.

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