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Peanut Almond Cookies

Made some peanut almond cookies for the little one yesterday, while she napped.

I had not been making my favourite cookies for her because I was secretly afraid of the crunchy cookie bits that get stuck at the back of her mouth, and then decaying the teeth lol.

So I had been looking to make some melty cookies or biscuits instead.

I came across this recipe from another mummy, and really wanted to try it out, since I have some natural and sugarless peanut butter on hand. I was really glad to have tried this out because it's really not sweet, with a nice nutty fragrance!

Melty Peanut Almond Cookies - Recipe adapted from Yummilicious for My Princess
(Makes about 32 mini cookies)
-  50g cake or plain flour
-  15g oil
-  30g sugarless natural peanut butter
-  40g almond powder
-  10g icing sugar
-  Egg yolk, beaten (for egg wash)

1.   Sift flour into a medium or large sized bowl and set aside.

2.   In another bowl, add oil, peanut butter, almond powder and icing sugar. Whisk to combine well.

3.   Add in sifted flour to peanut butter mixture from (2) in 2 batches. Using a cutting + pressing motion, combine the flour into the peanut butter mixture. The dough will be quite rough and resembles crumbles. You can press the crumbs together using your hands with some pressure, or spatula against the bowl.

4.   Roll the dough into mini balls, about 4g each. You would need to use some pressure to "press" the crumbs into balls. Place onto lined baking tray.

5.   Lightly brush beaten egg yolk on top of the balls.

6.   Bake in preheated oven 150C for about 20 mins or so, until the egg wash is golden in color and cookies are browned.

7.   Leave to cool completely before storing in airtight container.

Mini sized :)

-  My child is 2y5m old.
-  I am using Mayver's natural peanut butter (contains only peanuts and salt), available in selected NTUC outlets.
-  For the flour, I've used a substitute for cake flour: 50g plain flour, take out 2 tsp of plain flour, and replace with 2 tsp of corn flour.


  1. Is almond powder same as almond meal?

    1. Hi! Yes it is the same. Almond meal = almond powder = ground almond. Just make sure it's under the baking section or from baking supplies store. Not those "powder" for drinking :)