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Little Monkey German Cookies

There were many items that I had KIV on my to-bake list, like forever! These German cookies were one of those hahaha.

I have tried out German cookies many years back, but I prefer something crunchier and sweeter, so I didn't manage to make anymore.

Now I like that these cookies are soft and easy to eat. I originally wanted to make for my toddlers, but I forgot that these cookies are rather soft and "fragile" - the toddler actually enjoyed smashing them in her hands and then stuffing them in her mouth lol!

 The original recipe is from Wan Wan Tea, and she makes a lot of really cute cookies and bakes!

Little Monkey German Cookies - Recipe adapted from Wan Wan Tea
(Makes about 20 pcs)
-  60g butter, softened
-  20g icing sugar
-  75g potato starch
-  40g cake or plain flour
-  1/2 tsp milk powder
-  1 tsp cocoa powder

-  50g dark chocolate
-  1 tsp water

1.   Place the softened butter in a large bowl. Add in icing sugar, whisk until it becomes pale and fluffy.

2.   Sift in potato starch, flour and milk powder. Mix well using whisk or spatula.

3.   Remove 40g of dough and set aside.

4.   Add in cocoa powder into remaining dough and mix well. Remove 2 tsp of cocoa dough for drawing details later. You can place the 2 tsp of dough in a bowl and then cover with cling wrap.

5.   You can chill the white and cocoa dough for about 20-30 mins in the fridge.

6.   Melt the chocolate using bain marie or in the microwave. Add in the 2 tsp of reserved cocoa dough from (4). Mix well. Add in some water slowly to mix into a paste. You might not use the entire 1 tsp of water. Set aside when it's done.

7.   Remove dough from fridge for shaping. You will need to shape: (a) head - roll 1 tsp of cocoa dough into ball shape + small pc of white dough in flattened oval shape (b) hands - roll smaller pc of dough into longish shape (c) ears - slightly smaller pc of round dough than for the hands.

8.   Place the dough for hands on lined baking tray. Attach the white dough onto front part of the head as face. Place the head on top of hands on the baking tray. Add on the ears by the side of the monkey's head.

9.   Do the above step for all of the dough.

10.  For drawing on the facial details, place the chocolate paste into piping bag and pipe out details on the face.

11.  Bake in preheated oven 120C for about 25-30 mins.

12.  Cool completely before storing in air tight container.

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