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Curry Fried Rice with Cajun-Curry Threadfin

Sometimes I do wonder if our children's tastebuds and preferences for food follow our preferences. While thinking of trying to expand flavours and textures for the little one, I am also trying to keep to not so strong flavoured food for her.

This morning I was wondering what to cook, and realised that it has been a while since she has taken fried rice. I originally wanted to cook tumeric fried rice, but realised that my tumeric has all clumped up (opppps). So I changed to curry fried rice, which the little one also likes!

For this fried rice, I have also added in some raisins so it carries some subtle sweetness in this savoury fried rice, which I find it quite a good combi!

Curry Fried Rice
(Serves 2 Adults or 1 Adult + 1 Toddler)
-  Rice for 2 pax
-  1 tsp curry powder
-  A handful of vegetables, can be frozen or fresh
-  50g to 60g Protein, such as pork, chicken or fish
-  1 egg, beaten
-  A handful of raisins, soaked and drained
-  Some shredded toasted nori
-  0.5 tbsp light soy sauce

Cajun-Curry Threadfin
-  2 threadfin fillets, rinsed and pat dry (about 120g)
-  1 tsp curry powder
-  1 tbsp corn starch
-  Cajun spice

Oppps, cannot wait! :p

1.   Prepare the pan fried threadfin first. Mix the curry powder and corn starch well, in a small bowl.

2.   On the threadfin fillets, sprinkle some cajun spice on both sides. Sprinkle and pat on the curry corn starch mixture as well. Ensure that the corn starch mixture coats the fillets well.

3.   Heat some oil on your frying pan. Once pan is hot, place the fillet to pan fry till crispy. It took a couple of mins on each side for me. When you flip over, do it in 1 smooth action, as threadfin fillet tend to break into pieces when cooked.

4.   Dish up and set aside when cooked. Flake 1 of the fillets into pieces to add to fried rice later.

5.   Heat up some oil in your frying pan (about 1/2 to 1 tbsp). When pan is hot, add in curry powder and stir well to form a paste. Add in rice and stir to coat well with curry.

6.   Add in vegetables and cook well. Add in flaked threadfin meat and stir fry for a while more.

7.   Make a well in the centre of the pan, add in beaten egg. Wait for it to set slightly before scrambling it. Toss and mix well with the rice.

8.   Add in some light soy sauce and stir well. Add in raisins and shredded nori. Toss to mix well.

9.   Dish up and serve warm.

-  My child is 2y5m old.
-  You can use any kind of rice grain for this fried rice. I am using white + multigrain rice, about 3/4 cup before steaming.
-  If you are using other kind of raw meat for this fried rice, ensure that you cook it beforehand.
-  I am using 1 tsp of curry powder for the rice, so it's not too overwhelming for my child. I also chose curry powder without chili in it.
-  You can taste and add in more light soy sauce if you find it too bland.

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