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Wholemeal Passion Fruit Honey Bread Rolls

Passion fruit is one of my favourite flavours!

I like the tropical fruit scent and the taste that comes along with it. Last week I bought a box of passion fruits at the supermarket. Decided yesterday to make some bread rolls with it to try out how it would be.

I realised that the bread rolls carry a subtle passion fruit scent on the day it's baked (seems to subside a little on the next day), that my toddler kept asking me to sniff the bread lol! It also has a subtle tangy taste, which I kind of like.

The bread rolls are not sweet at all, so you can slice it in half and spread it with some fruity jam. I find it quite good to offer to tots! Not too sweet. The size is also just nice for my 2y5m old toddler's hand!

Wholemeal Passion Fruit Honey Bread Rolls - Recipe adapted from Carol Hsu
(Makes about 15 bread rolls)
-  200g bread flour
-  50g wholemeal flour
-  Milk + Passion fruit juice to a total of 160g
-  20g honey
-  5g sugar
-  1/4 tsp salt
-  25g unsalted butter
-  1/2 tsp instant yeast

1.   Place all ingredients into bread pan; yeast into dispenser. Start bread machine to knead bread + proof. I am using Panasonic SD-P104, Mode 9 Bread Dough. This includes proofing of about 30mins. If you are using mixer to knead the dough, you can proof for about 45mins.

2.   Remove dough from bread pan once cycle is completed. Divide dough into smaller dough of around 25g each. Seal ends of each small dough and roll the dough into rounds. Rest for about 10-15 mins, covering with cling wrap or damp towel.

3.   Taking a piece of the small dough, indent a "+" sign by pressing your rolling pin horizontally and vertically on the dough (to press out air), and then roll out the dough from the centre marks, into a slightly longer shape dough.

4.   Using your fingers, roll up the dough into a log or swiss roll shape from the long side. Seal the end by pinching the dough, and place the pinched part downwards on work surface.

5.   Using your rolling pin, start rolling out the dough upwards from 1/4 mark, so that the top part would be larger than the bottom part, to resemble a tear drop shape.

6.   Roll the dough using your fingers downwards in swiss roll manner. When you reach the 1/4 mark, simply stretch the fatter dough (which you did not roll out) slightly and continue to roll downwards. Pinch and seal the end of the dough into the main "body".
**I don't roll out the entire piece of dough so that the bread roll would "puff up" more as it bakes, to give a cuter look.

7.   Place rolled dough onto lined baking tray and cover with cling wrap or damp towel. Repeat steps (3) to (6) for all dough.

8.   Proof dough for about 30-45 mins until double in size. I usually place the entire tray in my kitchen because it's warmer there, and near to the side of my fridge. Alternatively, you can also place a bowl of hot water in your oven, place the tray in, and leave the door slightly ajar for circulation (proofing of dough needs a bit of air circulation).

9.   Preheat oven to 180C. When the bread dough has finished its proofing, brush the surface of the dough with egg wash or milk for glaze. Bake in the preheated oven (middle rack) for about 12-14mins, until surface is lightly browned. Before removing from oven, checked that the bottom of the bread rolls are browned as well.

10.  Cool completely before storing into air tight containers or ziplock bag.

-  I am usually using demerara (raw) sugar when I bake bread, because raw sugar has better nutritional value than refined sugar, and is better for health. It doesn't really alter the taste and look because the amount of sugar used is not a lot.

-  For softer texture of the bread rolls, you can consider using the autolyse method if you have extra 1 hour to spare.

-  I have used the juice of 2 passion fruits. I simply strain the seeds over a sieve with a little water. The weight is around 50g or so. For the juice, you can alter according to your taste buds, as long as the juice + milk = 160g in total. For the seeds, I added water and honey to it to make some passion fruit drink :p

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