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Red Rubies for Toddlers

Since the weather had been quite hot these days, I decided to make a simple dessert for lunch yesterday.

I had been thinking of making some traditional snacks for the little one, and been thinking of "healthier" ways as well.

For this red rubies, I decided to color the water chestnut using natural beetroot powder, and served it in soya bean milk. It is considered very mild taste for toddlers - I am quite afraid of introducing food that is too sweet to the little one at the moment.

If you would also like to serve this in soya bean milk for adults, I would suggest that you set aside some simple sugar syrup to go with it :)

Red Rubies (Serves 2 Adults)
-  9 to 12 Water Chestnuts, cut into 1-cm cubes
-  2 tsp of beetroot powder
-  70g tapioca flour
-  Soya bean milk
-  Sugar syrup, optional

1.   Dissolve 2 tsp of beetroot powder in a bowl of warm water. I've used a big soup bowl, filled half with water. You might also want to use more powder or less water if you prefer a more reddish tone. Set aside to cool completely.

2.   Place the chopped water chestnut into the beetroot water. Set aside for a while. (I set it aside for about 1 hour)

3.   When the water chestnuts are colored to your liking, drain them over a sieve or strainer. Shake the sieve to remove excess water as well.

4.   Place the water chestnuts into a medium or large bowl, add in the tapioca flour. Mix to coat all the water chestnuts evenly, making sure the water chestnuts should now be whitish in color.

5.   Bring a medium sized pot to a roaring boil. Add the water chestnut cubes into the boiling water. Let it boil until the red rubies float up to the water surface, and has no more white flour in it.

6.   While waiting for the red rubies to boil, prepare a bowl of icy water. Once the red rubies are boiled and floating up, remove from pot and place into the bowl of ice water, until it is ready to be served.

7.   For sugar syrup, combine 50g of sugar, 50g water and 2 pandan leaves (knotted) in a small saucepan. Heat until the sugar dissolved, stirring constantly. Off heat and let it cool. You might also want to let the pandan leaves steep in the hot sugar syrup while it cools.

8.   To serve, ladle some of the red rubies into a serving bowl, add in soya bean milk. For adults, add in some of the sugar syrup for sweeter taste.

-  If you don't have beetroot powder, you can also get the juice from the real beetroot itself. For adults taste buds, I usually like to soak the water chestnuts in rose (bandung) syrup!
-  I didn't use up all the 70g tapioca flour since I've used lesser water chestnuts.
-  The sugar syrup was enough for the husband and I. I've used about 2 tbsp per adult. If you prefer sweeter taste, you might also want to set aside a little more sugar syrup, perhaps around 70g-70g sugar-water.

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