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Quick Quiche for Toddlers

The other day, I chanced upon a Taiwanese mummy's food recipe sharing on Facebook for her 3 yo toddler. I am so impressed with the choice of food she prepared, and am motivated to do the same too!

My 2.5 yo has been quite picky recently. While at home, she relies more on milk than food. And I thought this cannot go on... And on days when I am too tired to cook, my husband prefers to buy those packed tze char food, which is really heavy on tastebuds :(

So yesterday while I asked the husband to pack food for us, I prepared this simple and quick quiche for the little one. For the bread, I've used this yummy old fashioned kopitiam bread I had made.

Quick Quiche - Recipe adapted from 洪小龙 Facebook Page
(Serves 1-2 toddlers)
-  2 to 4 white button mushrooms
-  A handful of frozen vegetables, or vegetables of your choice (eg, carrot, french beans, etc)
-  2 cherry tomatoes
-  1 clove garlic
-  A few drops of light soy sauce, optional
-  1 egg, beaten
-  3 slices of bread
-  Cheese
-  Oil or butter for brushing
-  Dried parsley, optional

1.   Mince the garlic. Cut the mushrooms and tomatoes into bite size (and vegetables if you are using fresh ones).

2.   Heat a little oil on your frying pan. Add in minced garlic. Saute till fragrant. Add in mushrooms and stir fry. (If you are using fresh veg, add them in now) Add in a few drops of light soy sauce if you prefer. Do not add too much else it would be very salty. 

3.   Stir fry the mushrooms for a while, and add in the frozen vegetables and tomatoes. Stir fry till you can see them soften. Dish up and set aside.

4.   To prepare the "crust", cut off the bread crust using a serrated knife.  Flatten the bread using a rolling pin. Cut the bread out using a round mold or bowl.

5.   Grease your ramekin or muffin tray with some oil or butter.  Place bread inside, and ensure that it adheres to the sides of the ramekin or muffin tray holes. Brush the inside of the bread with some egg wash, bake at preheated oven 150C for 3 mins.

6.   Once the bread is baked, add in the following in this sequence: cheese, filling from (3), egg, cheese on top.

7.   Bake in the oven at 150C for 20-25 mins, until the cheese is melted and egg looks set.

8.   To serve, sprinkle on some dried parsley. You can also serve it together with some salad or fruits.

-   My daughter is 2y5m old :)
-   For the cheese, I would be more particular. There are a lot of processed cheese in the supermarket, such as the sliced cheese and cubed cheese. Usually it is indicated on the wrapper that they are processed. I chose to use COON. It comes either shredded or in block. I bought the block one, and cut out cubes from it, and froze those that I won't be using soon in the freezer. If you are also using block cheese, do cut out small strips from it for this recipe.

-   You might want to skip the light soy sauce if your child is below 12 or 18 mths. I started table food for my toddler around 13 months, and I usually just use a little light soy. I am using Kikkoman (red cap) because it's without preservatives and weird ingredients :)

-   The size of my ramekin is 8cm (diameter on top), and I've used a 10cm round cutter. If you want, you can use a bigger sized cutter for a bigger quiche (and if your bread is wide enough), but you would need to adjust baking time.

-   You can also add in some black pepper while stir frying the vegetables for added flavour.

-   Remember to grease the ramekin or muffin tray so that it is easy to remove after baking. Try to scoop the egg into the bread using a spoon, and try not to spill it so the quiche will not stick to the container after baking.

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