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Pooh Deco Steam Cupcake

Made steamed cupcakes for my daughter's breakfast again this morning!

Too tired these days to make bread, since I am taking care of her at home due to new HFMD cases in her school. I am also trying not to strain myself too much, so I am thankful for these easy-to-make recipes shared by other mummies!

Decided to also "cutetify" the steamed cupcakes, so that the little one would feel happier eating them.

 The piping method and design are from Little Miss Bento's Tsum Tsum steamed cupcakes post. I wished I had used smaller cupcakes cases like hers. I only realised I didn't have the smaller sizes at home this morning, lol!

But well, as you can see, my piping is not very good haha! I probably need more practice and perhaps a smaller tip for piping also. 

The cupcake recipe was this honey red bean steamed cupcakes I have made previously. This time, I have used pumpkin powder and charcoal powder for natural coloring. For adults taste, I have also added in extra sugar and dollop of Nutella (well, the husband doesn't really like bland food lol).

You can skip the 1.5 tsp of sugar below if you are ok with slightly less sweet cupcakes and/or preparing for your young children. For older children or adults with more developed tastebuds, you can add in the 1.5 tsp of sugar for better taste.

So funny that the left & right ones looked like Ali Baba with moustache! LOL!

Pooh Deco Steamed Cupcakes - Recipe adapted frm Andrea Lim (Healthy Food for My Baby)
(Makes about 4 cupcakes, depending on size)

-  61g plain flour
-  1 tsp baking powder
-  1 tsp pumpkin powder
-  1.5 tsp sugar, optional
-  1 egg
-  2 tbsp milk
-  2 tbsp honey
-  1 tbsp oil
-  0.5 tsp charcoal powder

1.   Sift flour, baking powder, pumpkin powder into medium sized bowl. Add sugar if needed, stir to mix well.

2.   Combine wet ingredients (egg, milk, honey, oil) in another bowl. Whisk well to combine.

3.   Make a well in centre of the the bowl containing dry ingredients. Add in the wet ingredients from (2) into the centre of the bowl.

4.   Use a spatula to mix the dry ingredients into the "well" of wet ingredients. Do not overmix. It's ok to have small lumps in the mixture. Just ensure there is no visible white flour.

5.   From the batter, scoop up about 2 tsp, and place it in a bowl. Add in 0.5 tsp of charcoal powder and mix well.

6.   Scoop yellow batter into cupcake cases. Leave very little amount of yellow batter for use later. Spoon black batter into piping bag, snip off very small corner at the end of the piping bag. You would need it to be "fine tip" for better control of piping the details.

7.   Pipe onto the surface of the yellow batter: eyes, snout and eyebrows. Do take note that after steaming, the details may appear to be bigger, as the top of the cupcakes will develop a dome shape.

8.   For the remaining yellow batter in (6), pipe out the ears (little circles) onto baking paper.

9.   Steam the cupcakes + ears in prepared wok or steamer for 10-15 mins. The wok or steamer should be hot when you placed the cupcakes in it. You might also want to cover the lid with a piece of cloth. I didn't because my lid is quite good; the water droplets slip down the sides on their own, so the droplets won't touch the top of the cupcakes.

10.  Once cupcakes + ears are done, remove from steamer. Let cool slightly.

11.  To put on the ears, you can squeeze it in between the cupcake and liner. Or, you can make small slits on the cupcake (top of Pooh's head), and then slip the ears in.

-  My toddler is 2y5m.

-  Cupcake recipe is adapted from Mummy Andrea Lim on facebook group; Piping details and design from Little Miss Bento. Do check out Little Miss Bento's post because she has several other cute Tsum Tsum characters!

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