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Old Fashioned Kopitiam Bread


A few days back, I saw a post by Victoria Bakes on the old fashioned kopitiam bread loaf, and I really wanted to try that out!

I love the smell of the chao da bread crust, the taste of kaya and the aroma of coffee from those old kopitiam. Reminds me of the childhood days! :)

So I managed to find some time at night to make the dough, just before the little one slept. It was quite fast for proofing as well.

This bread loaf is very soft, chewy and fluffy. It also has this subtle sweetness that those old fashioned bread has! Goes really well toasted with kaya spread. I guess I would be making this soon, again!

I baked this loaf in my new pan bought from Daiso (yes $2!! lol). The dimension is 20cm x 7cm, so the loaf "exploded" from the sides of the pan hahaha. Other than that, it was all good! You might want to use the size of the bread pan as indicated for a nicer looking loaf.

You can also tent the loaf, while baking, with aluminum foil, to prevent over-browning.  I didn't want to use aluminum in my baking and cooking, so I just let it bake like that. The crust would be browner and harder, but it has this nice slightly chao da fragrant, that I like!

Old Fashioned Kopitiam Bread - Recipe from Victoria Bakes
(Makes one 20x10x10cm loaf pan)
-  500g bread flour
-  1 tbsp milk powder
-  2 tbsp honey
-  2 tbsp brown sugar
-  1/2 tsp salt
-  2 tsp instant yeast
-  320g water or milk
-  40g butter

1.   Place all ingredients into bread pan and start mode to knead bread dough. I am using Panasonic SD-P104, Mode 9 Bread Dough. This mode includes first proof in the machine (around 30 mins). You can proof around 30-45 mins, until double in size.

2.   Remove bread dough from the bread pan, onto a lightly floured surface. You can measure the total weight if you want to divide the dough equally. Punch down dough to expel the air. Divide into 4 equal portions. Seal the ends and roll the balls of dough into rounds. Let it sit slightly for 5 mins.

3.   Roll one of the dough flat, with your rolling pin. Roll it up from short edge into a swiss roll manner. Repeat for the rest of the 3 dough.

4.   Take the first rolled dough, repeat the step (3). Do the same for the other balls of dough.

5.   Place all of the dough into a greased or lined loaf pan.

6.  Cover the pan with a damp towel or cling wrap. Leave it to proof until it rise about 1cm above the bread pan (for mine, I waited for it to rise more than 1cm since my pan is shorter).

7.  Bake in preheated oven 200C, for about 45-50 mins. You can tent the bread pan with aluminum foil if it browns very early on.

8.   Once baked, let it cool slightly and remove immediately to cool completely on cooling rack.

-  Each oven is different, so you can adjust according to your oven temperature and size. For me, I baked at 185C for 55mins.
-  I have also used demerara raw sugar for this loaf. You can use any kind of brown sugar. 

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