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Mother's Day 2016 Craft

It was Mother's Day yesterday, and we spent some time doing some craft work on Saturday morning after breakfast!

Although the Mother's Day can be an overly commercialised day, we find it a good opportunity to teach the little one appreciation.

So I put together a very simple layout for the card, and printed it out. Then, I googled for some tulip flower shape, pasted them all over on a piece of A4 sized template, and printed them out as well.

Materials Used:
-  Construction paper, color of your preference
-  Poster color
-  Paper plate or plastic container as palette
-  Sponge
-  Card template
-  Ink stamp pad
-  Stationery as required: eg. ruler, penknife, scissors, glue etc.

1.  I've used the cheapo sponge from Daiso. Cut them into manageable cubes for the little one to hold. Get ready your card template, with the stems pasted on.

2.   Prepare some poster colors on a paper or plastic plate. You can add in some drops of water to mix the poster colors slightly.

3.  Get ready the cut out flower template for sponging.


4.  Apply glue on the back of the flower templates (after the paint has dried). I like to use the stick glue so it's less messy. Paste onto the card.

5.  To finish off, let the little one do some "thumbprint art" for the "leaves" on the stem using ink stamp pad.

-  Items from Daiso: sponge, ink stamp pad, child apron
-  Items from Popular: paper for card (200gsm white paper), construction paper (100gsm), poster color
-  After doing the thumbprint art, you can easily wipe off the ink stain using wet wipes, and wash off with slightly soapy water.

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