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Marbled Ogura Cake

It has been a while since I last baked, after a huge quarrel with the husband, who said I was "obsessed" with baking - just because I tried out a batch of macarons on a weekend morning. Though I tried to rush it out before the little one woke.

So while caring for the little one at home last week, she suddenly said: Mummy, I want (to eat) cake cake!

How to resist her cute face? Lol...

I had been wanting to make ogura cake for a while, but been lazy to use steam bake hehe.. I know right, it's like just a very simple step.

However, I accidentally overwhipped my meringue, so the cake surface "exploded" in the oven. For ogura cakes, you simply need to whip till soft peaks only (a hook will form on the meringue when you lift up the whisk; if it's straight then it's stiff peak already).

I would be sharing the original recipe here. It's actually a coffee ogura cake that uses instant coffee. I forgot to adjust the sugar, so it turned out pretty bland lol. But it's a good thing for the little one!!

It also has this smooth, soft and moist texture. It's very fluffy and light, so I feel that it's quite good as a breakfast for the little one, compared to other sugar-laden baked goods!

For this marble look, I simply took about 1/3 of the batter at the end, added in 1 tsp cocoa powder + 1/2 tbsp water, and fold in. Then pour the cocoa batter on top of the original flavor, and then swirl gently.

So I guess I would also try out the various popular ogura cake recipes!! I should have tried this earlier lol!

Coffee Ogura Cake - Recipe from Jane Chew
(Makes a 6" square pan or 5" round pan)
-  10g instant coffee powder
-  60g milk
-  33g oil
-  1/4 tsp salt
-  55g cake flour *I've used just plain flour
-  4 egg yolks + 1 small egg
-  150g egg white
-  50g caster sugar

1.   Line a piece of baking paper at the bottom of the 6" sq pan (ungreased). Preheat oven to 150C with a tray of water at the bottom rack.

2.   Heat milk and mix in coffee powder in a medium sized bowl, till warm and combined. Whisk in the oil, salt, yolks and whole egg till frothy.

3.   Sift in the flour in 3 batches. Mix well with the whisk and set aside

4.   On your mixer, whip the egg white on medium speed till frothy. Add in sugar gradually and whip to soft peaks (till a hook is formed).

5.   Take 1/3 of the meringue, mix into the yolk batter with the whisk in a cutting motion. Add in the remaining batter in 2 additions. Fold gently to mix. When the meringue is well-mixed, ensure that you fold and scoop up the bottom batter to combine well. Usually the bottom of the batter may not be mixed well (so you would see darker batter being scooped up when you fold).

6.   Pour batter into prepared pan. Tap lightly to remove air bubbles.

7.   Steam bake at 150C for 55 mins or until cooked.

8.   Invert pan on cooking rack and allow to cook for a few mins. Remove cake from pan immediately and cool completely.

-  If you would like to make for your toddler, omit the coffee powder, and I find that the sweetness is just nice for them! :)

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