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Honey Red Bean Steamed Cupcakes

Since the little one had been home with me for this entire week due to her bad cough/bronchitis (and her school has 6 cases of HFMD!), I had been looking through for a lot of various recipes for her meals.

She's as picky as the husband lol!

Breakfast: Honey Red Bean Steamed Cupcakes, served with bananas and Black Sesame Milk.

She cannot wait again lol!

Honey Red Bean Steamed Cupcakes - Recipe from Healthy Food for My Baby Fb Group
(Makes 3-4 cupcakes)
-  61g plain flour
-  1 tsp baking powder
-  1 egg
-  2 tbsp milk
-  2 tbsp honey
-  1 tbsp oil
-  1 tbsp cooked sweetened red beans, optional

1.   Sift flour and baking powder into medium sized bowl.

2.   Combine the wet ingredients (egg, milk, honey, oil) in another bowl. Whisk well to combine.

3.   Make a well in centre of the the bowl containing dry ingredients, add in the wet ingredients from (2) into the centre of the bowl.

4.  Use a spatula to mix well by mixing the dry ingredients into the "well" of wet ingredients. Once combined, add in red beans. Do not overmix. It's ok to have small lumps in the mixture. Just ensure there is no visible white flour.

5.   Steam in prepared wok or steamer for 10-15mins. As the crumbs are quite soft, there may be some crumbs clinging to the skewer when you insert to test for doneness. Just make sure it's not wet lumpy crumbs, and the cupcakes should be ready.

Black Sesame Milk
(Serves 1 toddler)
-  180ml milk
-  1 tbsp honey
-  1 tbsp black sesame powder
-  1 tbsp water

1.   Warm milk and honey over double boiler. Stir to mix honey well.

2.   Add water to the black sesame powder. Stir to mix into paste.

3.   Once honey is dissolved into the milk, add in black sesame paste from (1). Stir well to combine.

4.   Serve slightly warm.

Note:- My daughter is 2y5m old.

- For the sweetened red beans, I took it from the leftover red bean soup (take only the red beans without the water) I cooked yesterday. You can do it simply by soaking the red beans overnight, change water and rinse again. Then cook it over stove or slow cooker with some water (about 2x to 3x of the red bean level in the pot) and pandan leaves, until the beans are soft. Add in some raw sugar or honey to taste.

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