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Hello Baby Goh 2.5!

Yes, I am pregnant (currently at 20w)! :)

Following my previous miscarriage in the 2nd pregnancy, it was difficult for me to overcome the feelings of the loss, much less preparing for another baby.

However, we left it at the hands of the Lord after I took some time to recover, both emotionally and physically. Like what my friend said, we don't seem to really "get over" the loss of miscarriage.

4 Wks: Positive Test Kit
Somehow, I just had the feeling that we probably got it! Hahaha. And so I hurriedly bought test kits and tested after dinner, around mid of Jan - with some excuses la. And when the husband went to get some grocery downstairs, I quickly tested, wrapped the positive test kit in some parcel. And waited for the husband to come back.

He really thought it was some stuff that he'd ordered online. However he felt dubious over the badly wrapped parcel lol. He even wondered if it was some bomb or what (hahahha!!!).

After the happy news, reality sank in, and the 2 weeks before I see my gynae was really difficult to go through. Thank God I was really tired from the pregnancy, so the days seemed to pass quicker.

6-10 Wks: Gynae Visit
I decided to stick to my gynae, Dr Benjamin Tham, because I felt at ease with him and with his experience. I was scheduled to visit him at around 6 weeks because of the previous miscarriage.

I remembered my heart was pounding very fast and I was very nervous while waiting for my turn. I was still traumatised by the miscarriage experience, and I feared for the worst.

As for my gynae, he was really happy to see us 3 months after my last check-up with him previously.

Hello there little beanie :)

I thought my first visit would be around 5+ wks to 6 wks, I didn't realise that I might be crossing over to 7 wks already!

Dr Tham prescribed the max dosage of Duphaston and hormones support jab, and we prayed so hard over the next few weeks...

I went back for another check at 8 wks, and we saw the heartbeat!! I was really happy, and it seemed that we'd crossed another "milestone" for a safe pregnancy.

Baby's heartbeat was quite strong, usually between 160-190 bpm :)

12 Wks: Harmony Test
As we approach the 12 weeks mark, I decided to opt for the Harmony Test due to my age. Not that we would terminate should the test result be less favourable. But I guess it is good to have some mental preparations :)

Thank God! We cleared the Harmony Test, pre-eclampsia test and some other blood tests.

Although it's not my first pregnancy, I still find it so ever amazing!

To have a baby developed from cells, and then to some mass (sac) in the womb, and gradually growing more and more human like.

I ever wondered if I could love my 2nd child as much as my first, and now I know - a mother's love is limitless :)

So, stay tuned for more sharing of my pregnancy! (Which is really so different from the 1st hahaha)


  1. congrats! when is your EDD? mine is in Oct. but csect so likely Sept too

    1. Hihi! Congrats to u toooo!! :) Mine should be mid of Sept like that.. Yours would be near to end of Sept?

    2. Thanks. Ya. but i am hoping i can op in first week of oct so that she can be closer to 40 weeks

    3. I see.. That's true also! Which hospital btw?

  2. Hi,

    I am considering dr Benjamin Tham as my gynae. Do you mind to share the package and delivery charges? I just did pregnancy kit so still looking around which gynae I should engage. Thank you in advance!

  3. Hi Minnie! His package is around $900 I think. He is only delivering in TMC currently. I forgot about delivery charge, think you might be able to call his clinic and check :)

    1. Hi Cherie,

      Thank you for your reply. I just went to see Dr Benjamin last week. So far i have a good impression with him. so we decide to stick with him. Thank you for your sharing.

    2. Hi! Sounds good! Have a good pregnancy journey! :D