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Daiso Sponge Capsule Sensory Play

All of us mums would have different views and preference towards "play" for our children.

For me, I view "play" as an important aspect for my child's learning and development now, especially when she's still so young. I also particularly like sensory play that allows her to use her senses, especially exploring different textures, shapes etc.

These days, I am also on the lookout for easy activities that do not require too much effort on my part (lol lazy mummy!). So the other day, I came across these sponge capsules at Daiso, and I was really happy!

There were 3 designs for the capsules - dinosaurs, animals, sea creatures. I just got these 2 first.
The net and blue tray that we would be also using is from another toy set from Daiso.

To start, I just put in a couple of the sponge capsules in slightly warm water, to let her see what's going on. The capsules will dissolve faster in warm water, so I think it's a nice bath toy as well!

For this activity, I asked her to "stir" the capsules around in the water, and try scooping the various sponges according to colors. She couldn't really identify the shapes at first - they were probably a little too small, so I started with identifying colors.

She got really excited seeing the capsules "dissolving" in the water, into various colors and shapes, so she wanted to pop in more capsules.

I let her do it herself, and she did it really well, despite the capsules were a little small! :)

After playing with these capsules/sponges for a while, she finally could start to recognise the shapes! And we had fun trying to identify whether they are chicken, pig, cow, etc. Initially I didn't correct her when she got the shapes wrong, as I just wanted to see what were her "views" on these shapes.

After identifying the shapes for a while, I showed her the small chart on the back of the packaging, and we started identifying the correct shapes all over again.

Her collection, hahaha!

Overall, it's quite a fun activity, which takes up about 1-2 hours for us. We just repeat the scooping and returning the sponge to the water. Some other times I would ask her to scoop up the "red" sponges; or she would say "mummy, your turn! blue!".

I feel that it sort of trains her motor skills and coordination, as well as recognizing colors. And we're really happy about this!

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