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Beancurd Pudding with Longan & Chin Chow

These days, I had been searching for chilled dessert recipes, which I can make for the little one. Though I don't like to let her take too much snacks (which can interfere with her main meals), I would also like her to be exposed to a variety of snacks or desserts.

The better it would be, if it's homemade!

Sorry that the photos above are not good - it decided to rain heavily when we were about to eat this lol. So I had to on the lights at home, which is really not a good choice.

I quite like this pudding because it's really soft and wobbly, and reminded me of those tau hway we eat at hawker centres! It seemed to require a few hours to set, so do make it in advance.

Beancurd Pudding with Longan & Chin Chow - Recipe Adapted from Cuisine Paradise
(Serves 2-3 Adults)

-  500ml soy milk
-  2 tsp gelatine powder
-  1 small canned longans
-  1/2 package sweetened Chin Chow

1.   Place the gelatine powder in a medium sized bowl. Heat soy milk gently over low heat in a saucepan (not boiling).

2.   Once the soy milk is sufficiently heated through, ladle enough soy milk to the gelatine powder. Mix well.

3.   Return gelatine mixture into main pot and continue heating gently. Stir constantly for a few mins.

4.   Off heat on stove. Strain soy milk mixture into heatproof serving cups. Let it cool at room temperature for a while before storing it in the fridge for a few hours.

5.   Once the pudding has set, you can place the canned longans and cubed chin chow on top. Drizzle with 1/2 tbsp longan syrup. Chill until serving time.

-  For healthier version for toddlers, you can replace canned longans with fresh fruits, and do without the syrup.
-  I am using 陈顺美 sweetened chin chow in a box. You can also buy the bigger canned longan, so for the remaining chin chow, you can slice them and sweeten with the syrup, longans and some cold water to serve as chin chow drink.

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