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Apple Juice Jelly

I remembered there was this beer-like apple juice jelly being very popular some time back.

Since the little one would be home with me today, I decided to get some apple juice and make this jelly :)

It's quite a fast and hassle free jelly - I didn't even need to on the stove this time!

However there seems to be an error on Ann's website. My jellies couldn't set even after a few hours, so I whisk in additional gelatin to let it set.

I am using Florida's Nature apple juice because it seems like lesser additives. If you are worried, you can get those USDA certified organic apple juice. I didn't add the sugar and the jelly tastes a little sourish. So you might want to add it if you want it to be slightly sweeter.

Apple Juice Jelly - Recipe Adapted from Anncoo Journal
(Serves 3-4 Adults)
-  500ml apple juice
-  10g gelatin powder (about 2 heaping tsp)
-  1 tbsp sugar (I omitted)

Garnish, optional:
-  Apple slices or other fresh fruits of your choice
-  Mint leaves

1.  Pour 3 tbsp of the apple juice into a bowl. Sprinkle the gelatin powder over it. Place the bowl over another pot of hot water, stir to dissolve the gelatin. You can also microwave it for 30sec.

2.  Pour the gelatin mixture into the rest of the apple juice. Stir to dissolve well.

3.  Scoop the apple juice evenly into serving cups. Chill well in fridge till set.

4.  Garnish with fresh fruits if desired.

Of course, I couldn't let go of the chance of trying out to make the beer-like jelly for the husband! Haha!

To make the foam on top, simply reserve some apple juice after scooping into cups. Whisk well to a thick foamy mixture. Scoop the foam on top of the apple juice. Chill well before serving.

Which do you prefer? :)

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