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Baking Tips: Red Velvet Cake

I am testing out and modifying recipes again!

Do you love red velvet cake? I super love red velvet cake, especially the rich cream cheese frosting!

This red velvet cake is moist with tender crumbs. I didn't add in any food coloring because I am not really a fan of coloring, and I secretly love the dark intense maroon color of the cake layers.

Though I love creating tall cakes, this kind of 2-layered cafe style cakes also has its own charms, isn't it?

Goes quite well with my rose tea :)

Red velvet cake is basically a light chocolate cake, with a reddish tone in the cake layers. It is also usually being prepared as a layered cake, with cream cheese frosting. The tangy cream cheese frosting also brings out the entire cake flavor.

It makes use of buttermilk, cocoa, baking soda and vinegar for that dark red undertone in the cake.

I will not be sharing the red velvet recipe here, but will share some tips on the cream cheese frosting :)

1.  Whisk the Frosting
Because cream cheese can be so soft at room temperature, most of the time I use it right out of the fridge. I usually would whisk the cream cheese together with icing sugar.

You can also use the paddle attachment at the end to just get the air out of the frosting. This step is optional if you don't require the frosting to be ultra smooth. For me, I didn't think that it's necessary :)

Also, take note to not over-beat the cream cheese mixture. It will make them runny if you over-beat.

2.  Stop "Running"!
If your cream cheese mixture gets too runny, put the mixing bowl into the fridge for about 10-15 mins. Whip it again and it should stiffen. Otherwise, add in a little bit more of softened cream cheese.

Adding too much icing sugar may also introduce too much moisture in the frosting, which can make it runny.

3.  Enhance the Taste
You can further enhance the cream cheese flavor by reducing the vanilla extract, or totally omitting it. You can also add in some lemon juice by teaspoons. Taste the frosting as you go along.

Have fun creating cakes!


  1. I don't really fancy food colouring as well, but if you want a nice beautiful red colour without the chemical additives, I know loads of people add in beet puree :) It doesn't have an overpowering taste, so your cake will look great without tasting like vegetables, haha!

    1. Yes I have heard of beet puree and beet powder before as well! But I still lack the courage to try lol!! Thanks for mentioning it!