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Our Hard Rock Hotel Staycation - Part II

Sorry, took a break in between the first part of our Sentosa staycation. Told you that sometimes I am lazy lol! I wonder how I even managed to blog in such detail for our honeymoon 3 years ago. LOL!

On Day 2 of our staycation, we went to the Universal Studios, and was the highlight of our trip! We've also asked my mil to go together with us. So lucky thing that my husband's cousin passed by Sentosa in the morning to drop my mil.

We went to the Slappy Cakes for breakfast before entering the Universal Studios. 

So happy to be eating pancakes soon!

Slappy Cakes is an "interactive" cafe, where you can make pancakes at your table! I have heard of the cafe/restaurant for a while, but its location is too far for us. So I was happy to have brought EQ to Slappy Cakes that day.

Our amateurish art lol!

There is a good variety of pancakes to choose from - whole grain, peanut butter, buttermilk, pandan etc. I also love their toppings! They offer fresh fruits, jams and curds. I heard from the staff that their jams and curds are made in-house.

Their coffee is good too!

She's quite good at feeding herself with utensils and with hands - at 25 months! :)

After the hearty breakfast, we moved on to the Universal Studios. Both the husband and I were very happy to see rental for strollers lol! We were in fact contemplating if we should bring our stroller before the trip. Thankfully we didn't! Hehehe...

First stop was Hollywood. And we were very happy to hear the Despicable Me's theme song, with the minions running out! I think their first show was around 10+am.

Everyone there was rushing to queue up to take photos with them haha!

We also visited the minions specialty store, and the little one was very excited to see so "many" minions!

As we moved along the "streets", we saw the guys performing at Mel's Stage. They were soooo good! Their first show was at 11am.

Their show schedule on that day.

We've also watched the Sesame Street's When I Grow Up musical at the Pantages around 12pm. The play was so engaging, with a good host and mascots who came down to the audience area for interaction!

We thought this was a good sign to bring the little one for rides later lol...

We also took photos, at 3 for $50 (hard copy print out on the spot + download link for soft copy). They allowed 3 shots at a couple of different stations in the Universal Studios. 

And as we reached Madagascar, we still couldn't really decide if we should bring her for the ride. The ride was supposedly ok for the toddlers, but we wondered how she would react. I was most afraid of her bursting into tears hahaha.

Initially she was a little afraid going into the ride, and cried for the daddy to hold her (we all need to be seated, and the "boat" started moving, so we couldn't go back). Thankfully as the "boat" went into the cave, showing the Madagascar's animals, she could calm down and started identifying the animals lol..

We also went on the merry-go-round with the Madagascar theme!

And then it was the Sci-Fi City, where the exciting rides were at. There's also a Transformers specialty store.

The scary ride lol...

The Jurassic Park's ride.

Rock climbing.

Soon enough, we reached Far Far Away (since we did not take most of the rides in Sci-Fi City lol).

The weather was so hot that day that the little one could finish 1 cup of ice cream on her own! It was also past her nap time, so she was a little cranky then.

And as we passed by New York, back to the Hollywood, we saw the famous Churros truck! So must try lah...

It was her first time playing with the bubbles gun. And she loves it!

And since we had some time after our trip to the Universal Studios, we decided to go to Hard Rock Hotel's pool.

We were so happy to see the "sandy beach". The beach is very clean, with fine sand, and it was fun playing there!

Towels are also readily available at the towel station, located inside the hotel. Deck chairs are also available, but would be mostly taken up during peak hours.

Other than usual shallow and deep pools, Hard Rock Hotel's pool area also holds several fun waterplay items, such as the slide!

See the texture of the sand! 

Tips for Bringing Toddlers to Universal Studios Singapore:
1.  Sun Protection
The sun might be strong on good weather days. So it's good to use sunscreen, wear lightly, and bring along cap or hat or battery-operated fan for the kiddos. I brought along my shades, and it was really useful!

2.  Pack Some Snacks
They might get hungry in between rides or meals, so it's good to stand by some light and dry snacks (and water). You would also be able to get some snacks like ice cream, churros etc from the trucks.

3.  Plan Your Lunch
You might want to plan your activities around the area which you wanted to eat at. I have heard that the best places are in Madagascar. We ate at the pizza place after Sesame Street show, and regretted big time lol...

4.  Stroller Rental
Make full use of this! The kiddos will be getting tired at one point in time, and us adults too. You can get stroller rental at the entrance of the Universal Studios, or at the Lost World.

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