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Kiiroitori Macarons

Actually character macarons are quite fun! And so cute to look at :)

This time, I tried out Kiiroitori macarons, using pumpkin powder as natural food coloring. So the color of the macaron shells turned out to be light yellow.

Kiiroitori is one of the characters in Rilakkuma series, and it's really so cute! I also think that it's relatively easy for beginners into character macarons.

To make these easy macarons, you simply need: yellow macaron batter + 1 tbsp orange macaron batter. I have used about 4g of pumpkin powder in a regular full macaron recipe (sorry not able to share recipe here). Usually I think it's ok to substitute about up to 5g of powder for coloring or taste, for a full macaron recipe.

I made the yellow macaron batter first, and then scooped out 1 tbsp of the batter, add in a little orange food gel coloring, mix it further to get orange batter. For this orange batter, it is ok to overmix slightly.

After piping out circles for the shell, bang the tray on counter top and remove air bubbles using toothpick. You can wait a while for the shell to form a "harder skin" on top before piping the orange portion. I tried waiting and didn't wait - if you wait, you would get a more 3D nose after it baked; else it would be quite flat, into the yellow batter.

Lastly, after baking, let the macaron shells cool completely before drawing on details using black edible pen.

I kind of like lesser food coloring for macarons. Do you? :)


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