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Dried Scallops Shredded Chicken Porridge

Recently the weather had been really hot, and it was difficult to think of lunch ideas, since it tends to make us feel like "I have no appetite" hahahha.

So I decided to cook a simple porridge (again) for lunch, so that it's easier, and light enough for the weather.

This porridge is cooked with a base of dried scallops. I am using the medium sized Japanese dried scallops from Hock Hwa. I have also added in red dates, which are optional.

Since the husband is a fan of the Bedok 85 Market porridge, his thumbs up for this porridge means a lot!

Dried Scallops Shredded Chicken Porridge
Serves 2 Adults
-  1 cup rice, rinsed and soaked
-  5 to 6 medium or large sized dried scallops
-  5 to 6 bowls of chicken stock or water (about 1L)
-  2 red dates, optional
-  1/2 to 1 chicken breast

-  Egg, optional

-  Chopped spring onions
-  Fried dough fritters, cut
-  White pepper
-  Sesame oil
-  Soy Sauce

1.   Clean the chicken breast and get rid of excess fats. Steam the chicken till it is cooked. Steaming is a better way of locking in the moisture in the meat after it's cooked. Let cool and set aside covered.

2.   Place the rice, chicken stock or water, red dates and dried scallops in a pot, and bring it to boil. Once boiling, turn the stove heat smaller to simmer the porridge. (I simmered it for about 1 hour, stirring occasionally)

3.   As the porridge starts to thicken up, you can prepare the chicken. Shred the chicken by hand and set it aside.

4.   Once porridge thickens to your preferred consistency, add chicken into the pot and stir well.

5.  Crack open an egg into a bowl. Ladle the hot porridge into the bowl. Sprinkle some white pepper, and drizzle in sesame oil and some soy sauce if you like. Serve with chopped spring onions and fried dough fritter.

-  I didn't have chicken stock on hand so I used water. I also drizzled in some of the "chicken oil" from steaming of the chicken breast. There would be some liquid in the container after steaming, so I simple drizzle it into the cooking porridge for added aroma.

-  If you prefer thin shred of scallops in the porridge, soak the dried scallops in some water till it has softened. Shred the scallops by hand before adding into the rice to cook. 

-  You can also add salt into the porridge if it's your preference.

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