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Coffee Macarons

Sometime last week, there was this instructor meeting, and one of the instructors shared her macarons recipe.

It makes use of the Swiss meringue method, and does not require drying!

Usually after learning something new, I will try to practise again by the following week, so I can remember better hahaha.

So I decided to just make plain shells to test out the recipe and my oven, dusted some cocoa powder on it, and then filled with coffee ganache. Next time I probably will try to add in some cocoa or ground coffee in the shells, and try out some brush strokes! Hehehe...

I really like the aromatic coffee flavour from the ganache, and it's really easy to make! The bitterness of the coffee also made the macaron shells less sweet.

I would not be able to share the recipe for the shells, but would be sharing the recipe for the coffee ganache here :)

Coffee White Chocolate Ganache
(Fills about 20-28 macarons)

-  50g whipping cream
-  115g white chocolate
-  1/2 to 1 tbsp soluble instant coffee

1.   Warm up whipping cream on stove. Be careful not to let it boil.

2.   When the cream has warmed up, add in coffee and stir to dissolve it well.

3.   When the coffee has dissolved, remove from heat and add in the white chocolate.

4.   Take care to ensure the white chocolate melt properly, and there are no lumps left in the ganache.

5.   Let cool completely before filling macarons.

-  I am using Robert Timms coffee. I like this brand because of the great aroma it has. If you don't want too strong a coffee taste in the ganache, simply use 1/2 tbsp. I love coffee so I added 1 tbsp.

-  For white chocolate, try to use a good quality one. I am using Callebaut white chocolate chips.