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Our Hard Rock Hotel Staycation

We went to Sentosa for a staycation in January, because the hubby wanted to utilise his allowance, and it seemed quite rush for us to plan for overseas vacation.

So, we decided to go to Sentosa instead!

It was a little difficult for me to plan for our itinerary, since it had been several years since we've last gone to Sentosa, and the information on Sentosa's main website seemed quite confusing and inadequate.

Thankfully I had 2 days without work to do before our staycation, and so I could put together the itinerary (yes itinerary needed, else I suspect we will just sleep in the hotel room all day long lol).

Since we were staying there for 4D3N, we spread the activities out, with fairly enough time for delays - I suppose going Sentosa with an active toddler aged 2 can be quite challenging too hahaha!

See how happy the little one is! Haha!

 Happily eating her Cheerios lol.

I really enjoyed the bathroom, though it was not super big. Towels were always sufficient for us to use, and I love their body lotion!

Separate standing shower with rain shower head (no bath tub).

The room also has simple coffee/tea making facilities. I usually would check on the kettle in the hotel room, and I am so glad to find that the kettle is clean!! Bottled water is also available and will be replenished.

The TV screen will actually show your name when you first on it. Yay to their hospitality attempt!

On our first day, since there was nothing much that we could do (checked-in around 2pm), we walked around RSS for a while, and then had an early dinner at Hard Rock Cafe.

Hard Rock Cafe also hands out this kid's menu, on which is also a coloring page! The little one had fun doodling on the coloring page. It managed to keep her quiet while waiting for the food. Haha!

Food serving size would be quite big. It's a surprise that we love all the 3 mains that we have ordered!

The chicken tenders for the kid's meal was really good! I wish I had enough space in the tummy to squeeze it in lol.

Chicken tenders served with Hickory BBQ sauce, on a cute guitar plate!

Pulled Pork Burger


We particularly enjoyed the dinner at Hard Rock Cafe, and service was really warm! The wait staff were polite, constantly checked if the food was ok, and refilled our water without asking.

Definitely would be back again!

Tips for Sentosa Staycation with a Toddler:

1.   Plan Your Itinerary
I find it useful that if you have an itinerary, you just need to follow the time allocated and the venues respectively.  Having an itinerary also help to make sure that you are able to cover as many attractions as you can.  Maps are also readily available in the RSS, which you can pick up once you've reached.

2.   Pack Extra Snacks
I was afraid that I couldn't find much snacks, and the little one might be hungry in between attractions or meals, so I packed along some yogurt melts and Cheerios. Try to choose dry and packaged, light snacks.

If your toddler is on milk, do bring along your formula milk powder. For mine, she has been on fresh milk, and thank God, we found Marigold fresh milk at the convenient store, although it wasn't our best choice :p

3.   Bring Along Sunblock and Sunglasses
Yup, for both adults and kids!

4.   Use a Luggage
I thought it was very exaggerating to use my medium-sized luggage for this staycation - but we did! LOL!

It was very useful because we do not need to lug (huge) bags around while we traveled to Sentosa (on taxi) and while waiting for check-in. It was also big enough to contain everything - baby diapers, wet wipes, clothes, swim wear, float, etc. Be sure to bring along enough diapers and baby stuff because I don't think we can find those in Sentosa. The nearest place would have got to be VivoCity.

While it is very common that you may not follow exactly what's on your itinerary - toddlers are very unpredictable beings lol - the best thing is to relax and have fun when things don't go right!

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